10 Fall Date Ideas You’ll Want To Try This Season

It can only mean one thing when the nights become longer and the days get shorter: it’s time for fall! When the temperature begins to chill, you can nearly feel the excitement in the air, and when the seasons shift, everything changes. This includes date ideas, because the weather has suddenly become ideal for a whole new set of activities. Check out this list of fall date ideas to try if you’re searching for something fresh and exciting to do on your dates this season!

  1. Hold a film marathon.
    The first on our list of fall date ideas is a timeless classic that can be enjoyed at any time of year. A movie marathon, whether it’s with frightening movies, Halloween movies, or classic fall flicks, can’t go wrong. You’ll be able to cuddle up together and enjoy your time resting in front of the television. Whether you’ve been dating for a long or it’s your first date, this is a terrific fall date idea! So get some popcorn, turn on Netflix, and enjoy yourself!

2. Take a short road trip
There’s no better time for a gorgeous road trip than fall, yet it’s a busy season for many people. So, if you don’t have time for a long road trip, take a short one instead! You can make your road trip as short or as long as you like, but imagine how romantic it would be if you and your date just spent the evening driving around and admiring the fall foliage! Going for a drive while listening to an autumn soundtrack and spending time with someone I admire is the ideal date for me.

3. Go on a ghost hunt.
This next date suggestion may make you giggle, but I’m serious. Maybe it’s because of Halloween, or maybe it’s because of the cooler weather, but there’s something about October that lends itself to frightening experiences. As someone who enjoys both history and the supernatural, I can confidently say that this is a fantastic date idea. Maybe go to that part of town where you’ve always felt strange, or sneak into that abandoned house where you’ve always been creeped out. In any case, you’ll have a great time with your date! And don’t worry, if you get too terrified, they’ll come to your rescue!

4. Build a bonfire.
Depending on where you live, our next fall date idea might not be the simplest to pull off, but it’s definitely a snug one. A campfire is not only entertaining, but it’s also an excellent method to get to know someone. You can also bake s’mores, sip hot chocolate, and simply enjoy the warmth of the fire. Bonfires are also ideal for group dates, especially as the weather begins to cool down in the late fall. Bundle up and have a fantastic time with your friends!

5. Go to a bookstore.
Consider taking your date to a bookshop if you want to completely live out your rom-com fantasies! This may appear dull to others, but every bookworm understands that this is a perfect date. Especially when your date is as enthusiastic as you are and you can both have a great time together. Take some books home with you, or choose those that you think your date might appreciate. That way, the books you receive will be a surprise, and you’ll have a great date!

6. Visit a farmer’s market.
One of the best things about fall is all of the fresh fruits and vegetables in season, especially if you acquire them from a local farmers’ market! Going to a farmers’ market is a wonderfully cute date idea that is not only romantic, but also allows you to stock up on tasty foods that you won’t find anywhere else! Farmers’ markets are famous for their hot apple cider, cinnamon sugar doughnuts, and pumpkin patches throughout the fall season. On a first date, who could say no to this?

7. Bake some fall treats.
If you’re anything like me, the moment the first leaf of autumn falls, you’ll want to bake all the time. So, if you’re looking for a date idea, why not try your hand at fall baking together? This is a great hands-on activity that you can perform with your kids, and when you’re done, you’ll have a tasty treat to eat! Make an apple pie, bake and decorate cookies or cupcakes, or do whatever you like! You may snuggle up together and enjoy your cookies after you’ve finished baking!

8. Visit a lovely cafe.
Coffee dates are the holy grail of fall dates, and there’s a reason for it. What could possibly go wrong with espresso, pleasant conversation (ideally), and tasty pastries? This is the ideal date for a chilly autumn day when all you want to do is sip a hot beverage and enjoy the company of others. A first date, a twentieth date, or anywhere in between, can be had at a cute cafe!

9. Take an apple harvesting trip.
There’s something satisfying and enjoyable about picking your own fruit, especially if you make it a date. Apples are in season in the fall, and not only are they excellent to eat, but walking around the orchard’s aisles of apple trees is also a lot of fun. You may completely lose yourself in yourself and simply enjoy spending time with your date and nature. Plus, once you get home, you can keep the party going by baking something with your apples!

10. Pay a visit to a pumpkin patch.
The final date on this list is a classic fall activity that you simply cannot miss, whether or not you’re on a date! Going on a fall date to a pumpkin patch is arguably one of the most romantic things you can do. You can go pumpkin picking together, sip hot apple cider together, or simply enjoy each other’s company. After you’ve chosen your pumpkin, take it home and paint or carve it together! If Halloween is approaching rapidly, this is a terrific date idea.

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