10 grandmother’s life hacks that should be adopted by current mothers

Just 30 years ago, mothers sewed gauze diapers, swaddled babies tightly, and made fruit and vegetable puree themselves. Now I don’t even want to imagine that.infant care tips

Today there are a lot of smart assistants for caring for the baby, as well as for the services of a young mother – daily posts of fashionable bloggers with many children. There are tips that you definitely will not find in any modern book, but which will definitely help out and make life easier.

Views on parenting have changed. Let’s be honest: about some grandmother’s advice, doctors and psychologists ask to forget forever. For example, earlier they fed only on schedule, gave complementary foods from three months (and even a wiped yolk), believed that goat’s milk was more useful for the baby than store mixtures, all the time they turned the children on their stomachs, swaddled so tightly that the poor baby’s bodies were chained in a strong cocoon. Still, our mothers and grandmothers have a lot to learn.

It is better to feed with a spoon, and not through a nipple

The explanation for this is in the main book of all Soviet women – “Home Economics” for 1960. The fact is that it is easier to suck milk through the nipple than from the mother’s breast. Gradually, the child is weaned to make efforts and can no longer suck the amount of milk he needs.

True, there was also questionable advice in the book: it was believed that the baby must be watered. According to Soviet pediatricians, the baby should receive 2-3 teaspoons of sweetened water several times a day. Now no pediatrician will advise this.

There should be no semi-finished products in the refrigerator

Our mothers and grandmothers spent all their free time at the stove. They cooked homemade food, no one knew about the existence of fast foods. On the first there was always soup, on the second – vitamin salad, mashed potatoes, and cutlets (on Thursdays fish is mandatory). They cooked compotes, baked cakes, made blanks and pickles for the winter. Soviet women treated culinary recipes with special trepidation: they were carefully copied into a thick notebook, and then shared with their girlfriends.

Now it is not necessary to stand at the stove all day to provide the family with homemade food – the slow cooker, for example, will do half the work for you. But the rhythm of life today is such that the refrigerator is full of semi-finished products, and for dinner young parents often order pizza.

Do not rock the baby

“The baby may experience dizziness, from which the child becomes nervous,” the grandmothers warned. – It is better to sing a lullaby or wear it on the handles. You should never yell at children. Remember: when the baby is healthy, full, lies in dry diapers and is warm (but not hot), he sleeps peacefully without any rocking of the bed. “

And now doctors are talking about the danger of intense motion sickness. Often, parents shake children so much in an attempt to calm down that babies get a concussion. Even a special term appeared – the syndrome of childhood concussion.infant care tips

Puree of vegetables and juices is better to cook yourself

Cooking does not take much time. Vegetables: carrots, rutabagas, and cabbage are stewed in a closed container (you need to pour a little water – only on the bottom). After 30 minutes, add potatoes. When the vegetables become soft, they are wiped through a sieve. In the resulting mixture, you can add salt, half a cup of hot milk. The juice recipe is even simpler. Thoroughly washed ripe fruits or vegetables are rubbed on a fine grater, and then squeezed through gauze. Fast and useful.

But there is one “but” – you need to be sure of the quality of vegetables. Ideally, if they are from their own bed.

Do not forget about your husband

Modern moms are so absorbed in the crumbs that they deliberately push the spouse into the background. Grandma would have judged you. The children will grow up, and the husband is the person with whom you still babysit grandchildren. Make time for your beloved man. This will appreciate the baby. In no case do not kick your husband out of bed. The child should not completely take the place of the father. In happy families, the main parents are not the children.

Running barefoot is useful

As a child, our grandmothers ran barefoot all summer and we’re sure that they became healthier from this. And now sneakers are worn all year round. If anyone dares to run without a, he will immediately hear in response: Crazy. Maybe sometimes you should undress and walk on the grass barefoot? By the way, modern orthopedists also strongly recommend doing this.infant care tips

Children must work

Grandmothers are accustomed to cleanliness: the floors in the whole apartment were washed twice (in the kitchen – every day), on weekends they knocked out carpets, for the holidays they tried to make all the dishes shine in the sideboard. All family members always participated in the general cleaning. People who grew up in the Soviet Union are convinced that seven-year-olds should clean their own room and be able to cook simple dishes. For example, cook porridge or fry potatoes.


The day of the student should begin with the performance of simple gymnastic exercises. It is useful to wipe with cold water and hardening. And before bedtime, air baths for 10 minutes are mandatory. By the way, until now, grandmothers believe that skis are much cooler than a smartphone.

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The book was the best gift, and every Soviet person could boast of a decent library. In modern homes, you are unlikely to see the collections of works by Pushkin and Lermontov. Literature was accustomed from childhood. In the same “Home Economics” there are even recommendations on how to read correctly. This should be done thoughtfully and slowly, write out thoughts that you liked in the book, check incomprehensible words according to dictionaries, keep a reading diary, do not read lying down, do not read at dusk. Also, from time to time it is necessary to ask your son or daughter to read aloud.

Family celebrations at the common table

The modern writer Vyacheslav Komkov has a wonderful story “I am German”. It very vividly describes how the family gathers at a large table with a snow-white tablecloth after a long separation. “The table is filled with food, like on New Year’s Day – at one time you can not eat so much,” Komkov writes. I know for a fact that my frugal parents will be eating it all for another week. Mom pours everyone weak tea, she can not strong, and everyone drinks her tea. The conversation doesn’t stick, and mom goes into memories. How my brother Dima found money at home and went to distribute it to everyone on the street. How I set fire to a plasticine fortress on the balcony and almost burned the whole house. How my brother and I broke the night pot. How I tried to put the wire in the socket, and my mother did not give me. “

These family gatherings are very important, it is better to spend time not in front of the smartphone screen, but in the circle of relatives and close people. Appreciate these moments, and let your children’s home holidays become a tradition.

By the way

Even 100 years ago, parents practiced ways of caring for children that now seem meaningless, dangerous, and even cruel. For example, washing a child every day was considered a luxury. Breastfeeding is on-demand, too. The woman needed to work, and go out into the field almost the day after giving birth. She left the baby in a cradle with a special slot, where the liquid flowed – there was no one to change diapers. And so that the little one did not loom from hunger, a horn filled with rye bread moistened with sweet water was inserted into his mouth.

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