10 Great Science Experiments For Kids You Can Do With Materials You Already Have

It’s not difficult to make, the materials are easy to get, and the interesting results are what you will experience through 1o simple science experiments in this article.

Science seems to be dry and confusing things, but if you master the basic theory, you can completely perform interesting experiments at home.

  1. The “Magic” Leakproof Bag

AMAZING! To blow your kids’ minds, all you need is a zip-top plastic bag, some sharp pencils, and water. After they’ve been sufficiently amazed, explain how the “trick” works by discussing polymer chemistry.

How does this work? Check it out here: Steve Spangler Science

2. Capillary Action Experiment 

The kids will be awestruck as they watch the colored water travel from glass to glass, and you’ll appreciate how simple and affordable it is to put up. To teach the scientific magic of capillary movement, gather some water, paper towels, and food coloring.

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beautiful walking water science experiment where red will mix with blue to make purple, blue mixes with yellow to make green and yellow mixes with red to make orange

3. Float a marker man

When you “levitate” a stick figure directly off the table, their eyes will pop out of their heads. The insolubility of dry-erase marker ink non water, along with the ink’s lighter density, makes this experiment possible.

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Float a Marker Man on water with sharpie

4. A carbon sugar snake

Even simple scientific experiments can produce remarkable outcomes. Simple ingredients like sugar, baking soda, and sand are all that’s needed for this amazing chemical reaction demonstration.

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Giant carbon snake growing out of a tin pan full of sand

5. Naked eggs

This is fantastic! To find the membrane that keeps the egg together, dissolve the calcium carbonate in an eggshell with vinegar. Then, using the “naked” egg, show osmosis in another simple scientific experiment.

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Child holding a raw egg without its shell

6. Pull an egg into a bottle

One more amazing experiment with eggs. How to put an egg into the bottle without breaking it? This experiment will show you the way to do it. Super easy and simple to understand!

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7. A tornado in a bottle

A tornado in a bottle??? How can it be? This one will teach your kid how to create the weather in a bottle.

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Upside-down glass bottle with a water tornado inside (Easy Science Experiments)

8. Build a better umbrella

Challenge kids to create the greatest umbrella they can out of various home items. Encourage children to use the scientific method to design, create blueprints, and test their inventions.

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Cupcake liner turned upside-down over wood craft sticks with water being poured over top

9. Secret messages

A secret message? Why not? After reading this, you can make your own message that you don’t want to let anyone know. Or you can use this to do the prestidigitation for your kids. They certainly will be surprised.

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Child holding a sign with Happy Holidays written on it with lemon juice

10. Step through an index card

This is a simple scientific experiment that never ceases to amaze. You can construct a loop large enough to pass a (small) human body through with well placed scissor cuts on an index card! As they learn about surface area, the kids will be blown away.

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Student stretching out an index card cut into a large rectangle (Easy Science Experiments)

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