10 Hairstyles To Try With Short Hair

After having long hair for so many years, deciding to cut your hair short is a major step. I know how difficult it is to adjust to a new look as someone who has chopped their hair short. It’s difficult to know how to style your hair in numerous ways when you first cut it. Hopefully, these hairstyle ideas will broaden your understanding of how to work with your new tresses!

  1. Beach Waves 
    Beach waves look great on bob haircuts and are quite easy to achieve. All you’ll need is a little curling wand, or if you can curl your hair with a flat iron, that would suffice. It’s not necessary to make the curls perfect; simply leave them loose! So don’t be concerned if you lose a few hair strands. It’s a terrific every day look because it’s so simple to achieve!

2. Top Knot
To do a top knot, you don’t need long hair! Top knots are a terrific way to keep your hair out of your face while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic. Pin the top section of your hair into a knot with bobby pins. It will appear loose and a little sloppy, but it will be trendy! 

3. Space Buns
Like Khloe Kardashian, you can pull off this look! Even if the buns are smaller, space buns look great with short hair. With these adorable space buns, you can channel your inner Princess Lea.

4. Slicked Back
Straighten your hair with some gel and push it back for a sleek and stylish look. Kristen Stewart is one of several celebs who has tried this look with short hair. You might be hesitant to experiment with this look, but why not?

5. Two Low Buns 
Rather than using space buns, try two low buns! Simply separate your hair and wrap two buns that are tied with an elastic or bobby pins! I believe these are called Macaroon Buns, but I’m not sure… They’re still adorable, though.

20 Hairstyles To Try With Short Hair

6. Crimped 
Who’d have guessed that crimped hair would resurface in such a big way? Your hair will be incredibly wavy and cute with crimped hair!

7. Headband 
Headbands are a great way to dress up your hair! Adding a bold headband to your ensemble will elevate it to new heights!

8. Deep Side Part With Bobby Pins
Try this hairdo for a glitzy, fancy look! Part your hair to one side and use larger bobby pins to pin some of it back. With wavy or curly hair, this will look fantastic.

9. Low Messy Ponytail
It’s difficult, but not impossible, to achieve the messy ponytail look. Simply pull your hair back into a low ponytail, remove your front strands, and curl them a little for additional wave!

10.  Side Braid 
I’ve done this style for a few more formal occasions, and it always looks great! You can achieve this Insta-worthy haircut with beach waves and a looser side braid.

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