10 ideas for what to do with your child at home during the winter holidays

From December 27, children begin the winter holidays, which will last 2 weeks. So that the child from boredom does not finally hang in gadgets, our experts named 10 ideas for children’s entertainment at home.

The New Year holidays will come, and we will finally get enough sleep, review all the films and get bored with idleness. However, parents of preschoolers and younger schoolchildren are not threatened with such a pleasure. You will have to entertain your offspring in every possible way so that they do not get bored and do not finally get hooked on gadgets. Therefore, think about the holidays in advance and stock up on a list of games for different occasions, for example:

  • outdoor games at home
  • smart and useful games before going to bed
  • board gamesthat will be of interest to both children and adults
  • games that will teach the child to be kind

And here is a selection of interesting activities at home from our experts.

Arrange a puppet theater or a shadow theater

One of the interesting activities that can be organized during the holidays. We choose our favorite New Year’s fairy tale, write a script and give out “home” roles. For a child, this will be an excellent motivation to train the skill of learning the text by heart, and if he has already begun to learn English, then, depending on the level, the whole work or part of the phrases can be played out in a foreign language. Print the images of the characters on the printer or draw them yourself – and the theater is ready! Such a magical idea will captivate the whole family and will be remembered by the child for a long time, and the learned scenario will help the development of memory and cognitive abilities.

home theater, how to arrange a home theater

Make a book

An activity in which both the process and the result are interesting. In addition, the craft can be saved as a souvenir or given to loved ones. It is easier for little craftsmen together with their parents to make a baby book, for example, about Kolobok or another fairy-tale character. Primary and middle school students can try their hand at creativity and come up with a short story or a fantastic story. And then arrange it in the form of a homemade book. Pictures for stories can be drawn by yourself or cut out of magazines, postcards.

Bake a cake or cookie

Great for kids from 2 years old. Kids love to knead the dough. Give them some of the elastic mass and a cookie mold, and the child will work with great interest. The older the child, the greater his independence in the cooking process. For kids under 3 years of age, offer to sift the flour, pour sugar into a bowl. A child from 3 to 6 years old can come up with his own cookie shape or pattern on a cake. For older children, entrust the work is more difficult. Cooking a cookie or cake is not only a new activity for the child but also a good moment for communication.

Draw a picture by numbers

At first glance, it may seem that such activity is too painstaking for children. But for each age, starting from 3 years, there are paintings of different levels of complexity. At the same time, children usually enjoy mastering artistic craft. The main thing is to ensure the child and finish his work so that he sees the result of his efforts. A nice bonus is that with minimal ability to hold a brush and draw, the result is a spectacular picture.

Hold a concert

If there are two or more children in the family, invite them to prepare a speech for you. The concert program can include songs, dances, poems, competitions and so on. Bonus: while the kids are rehearsing, you’ll have free time for yourself. And during the concert, be sure to clap and praise your artists. The idea will be especially appreciated by preschoolers – at this age they do not hesitate to speak in public.

Arrange a disco

If it is not possible to send the child for a walk, add physical activities at home. Otherwise, due to unspent energy, they will not sleep well and conflict a lot. First, equip the dance floor: make illumination with a garland, free up space in the room so that nothing interferes with movement, make an incendiary playlist. On the Internet, there are selections of videos with dances that can be repeated.

Build a hut

Children love to fence off their space and decorate it in their own way. They usually take at least half an hour to build – grandiose labor costs. Just so that parents can relax a little in silence. For the house, a sofa, a table, chairs, and folded boxes are suitable. The main thing is to cover the top with a blanket, and inside on the floor to lay something soft, so that it was more pleasant to lie in the “hut”. Inside, children can spend hours on end, especially if they have a flashlight in their hands.

Grow a Crystal

Since the holidays are quite long, if you pour the solution at the beginning of the holidays, by the end of them the crystal will already grow. The blank can be bought in the store, it remains only to perform the actions according to the instructions. Help your child figure out how to properly go through all the stages, how to care for and monitor the crystal in the process. The child will be interested in learning something new, conducting an experiment, watch him grow every day. And most importantly, joint activities will allow parents to get closer to the child and help build good relationships.

Fill the “Bank of a Bored Child”

Come up with 10-15 ideas for classes during the holidays with your child, write them down and put them in a jar. And then every morning pull out one piece of paper and do what you want. You can offer the child to add and developmental activities, for example, watch a cartoon in English, play a board game, learn a poem.

Make a toy

In this entertainment there is one advantage: having invented a toy, having made it according to his plan, the child invests his desires in it. Therefore, she can become his favorite. Make together a paper doll with outfits, a typewriter, a slime, or a soft toy. It is better to make a rag doll or a soft toy according to ready-made sketches – sets with all the necessary details are on sale. Needlework is suitable for children from about 4 years old. But parents must be nearby and make sure that the child does not harm himself with a needle or small details. And older children can be offered to make their own phone stand or pencil holder on the table.

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