10 Inventive Ideas for That Space Under the Stairs

Every square inch matters in a compact house, from cramped bedrooms to narrow corridors and cramped bathrooms. That means you’ll have to think outside the box when it comes to storage.

But don’t worry, you’re in luck. It doesn’t have to sit unused below your steps if there is any room available. There are several things you can do with that room, such as solve your storage problems or add more chairs. You could even build a wine cellar if you’re feeling brave.

Don’t allow the area beneath your steps go unused any longer. You may either build bespoke built-ins yourself or pay a designer to do so. Get ready to be inspired to put that space to use in your own house by these ten designers and homeowners who put their thinking caps on and got creative with these odd places under the stairs.

  1. Get Organized
    When it comes to smart storage, that space beneath the stairs is a home run. It’s as simple as adding some simple cabinets or drawers to turn that space into a smart storage solution.

2. Store Wine
What do you think of this for a little extravagance? If you’re a wine connoisseur, this under-the-stairs wine grotto designed by Sommi Wine Cellars is guaranteed to inspire you. Install glass so you can see your wine collection in full view, which will undoubtedly spark debate among your guests.

3. Create a Garden
An indoor garden under the stairs is a unique and increasingly common usage. You can accomplish this if your location gets some bright indirect light or if you use artificial lighting. If neither of these options are available, artificial plants can be used to generate greenery.

4. Assemble a Library
With the areas beneath the stairs, built-in storage comes in handy yet again. This is a wonderful way to bring attention to a treasure trove of books that have been languishing in a box.

5. Set up a Workspace
Keep it simple with a desk that fits comfortably in the area, and if you want to go any farther, create a reading nook like this if you want.

6. Display Decorative Objects
If you’re looking for a place to display your favorite decorative objects but don’t have much room, look no further than the area beneath the stairs. Construct some shelves to display your prized possessions.

7. Construct a Laundry Space
Why not put the laundry beneath the stairs instead of dedicating an entire room to it? The washer and dryer are a wonderful match for this area, allowing the homeowners to convert the laundry room into a den or office. That’s what I call clever design.

8. Craft a Kids’ Corner
Make a children’s playhouse out of an open area beneath the stairs. Not only does this provide a fun hideaway for your children, but you can also store books, games, and toys in this area to keep things tidy.

9. Create an Under Stair Pantry
Do you have a small kitchen with little storage? Creating a staircase pantry is an excellent method to make use of the storage space beneath the steps. You can store dry products of various kinds and sizes and give yourself a bit more room in the kitchen with a few floating shelves, rolling drawers, and transparent storage containers.

10. Make a Small Pet Room
Even our dogs require a safe haven where they may hide or nap. So why not transform the area beneath the stairs into a little dog or cat room where your pet may relax? A pet bed, toys, food bowls, and a door or gate are all you’ll need to set up your pet apartment.

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