10+ People Who Still Regret Buying a Book Because of Its Cover

Many firms utilize their packaging and advertisements to captivate us at any costs in an age where everything needs to be very eye-catching. The hollow promises of a generously packed chocolate croissant can sometimes leave us feeling completely let down. Sometimes it’s a plant we see on the internet that captures our hearts and then breaks them once we get our hands on it. Whatever the case may be, we must recognize that not all that glitters is gold and move on.

We’ve seen some extremely misleading appearances that border on the amusing. We’d like to show you some products that will both perplex and amuse you.

  1.  ’’I ordered the ’4-cheese mac and cheese with honey pepper chicken tenders’ online. It wasn’t even April Fools’ Day.’’

2. ’’Oatmeal with a generous amount of blueberries’’

3. ’’I got a fun-size pack of Skittles with only yellow ones.’’

4. Something’s missing here…

5. ’’Ordering plants online is always risky, but this just made me sad.’’

6. ’’Top slice of bacon vs the rest in the package’’

7. Inside vs outside

8. Something’s missing again…

9. ’’Did they put it in a compressor? It’s also rock hard.’’

10. Food scam

11. Not that fun and colorful after all, huh?

12. ’’My brother bought a ’studio quality’ White Walker mask online.’’

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