10 strange toys that your child dreams of

Parents do not always understand children’s desires. You are ready to spend money on a quality toy, and they want some trinkets. You think you have to learn something in the game, and they want to make funny videos.

We collected the most popular strange, in the opinion of parents, toys, and tried to explain their popularity.

Not only entertainment

— Toys today are not only entertainment but also an opportunity to feel part of the community, it is easier to find a common language and join companies. Hype and strange, according to many parents, toys – they are just created for this. No need to look for any additional hidden meaning in them. At the same time, having fun, children also learn something new for themselves, learn to follow trends, and at the same time study the culture of the country where the toy appeared. So it was, for example, with popular squish – toys-mints from Japan.


Octopus Flip© Children’s World Octopus Flip-Flip

This octopus looks strange, but even more unusual is that it can be turned inside out. In this case, the child will receive a toy of a different color and with a different facial expression. This helps children learn emotions and sometimes broadcast their emotions to others. In addition, this octopus is popular on social networks – you can take selfies with it. Such a soft toy, unlike most others, will not get bored.

Stretching Gujitsu figures

Gujitsu© Yandex Market Gujitsu

The universe of Gujitsu’s heroes is this year’s trend. According to legend, the inhabitants of the zoo mutated into monsters-superheroes with unique superpowers. The peculiarity of these figures is that they can stretch more than three times and return to their original shape. They can not be torn or broken, so you can arrange battles of any scale. Each toy, in addition, has its own filler: slimes, glucose mass, polymer balls, and even mini-figures of bats.

Dancing cactus

Dancing Cactus

© Yandex Market Dancing Cactus

Hit “Tik-Tok” in 2021, a strange repeat toy in the form of a cactus in a flowerpot. The cactus glows, sings, dances repeats words, and does not bother for a very long time, because it can play 120 melodies.

In-game learning

Games are one of the best ways to learn new knowledge. Often it seems to parents that games are good only if they teach reading, writing, mathematics – something useful, in their opinion. But the world in 2021 is much more diverse: children need to learn to use technology, learn about new professions, try to apply their knowledge in practice. Some games may seem strange to parents, for example, Lego Vidiyo – there you need not just assemble the usual designer, but to create clips in the role of director.

Constructor Amperka Matryoshka

Amperka Matryoshka© amperka.ru Amperka Matryoshka

This is an electronic constructor based on Arduino and a convenient platform for rapid development. It is convenient to start acquaintance with the creation of your own electronic devices with the Matryoshka kit, which has everything you need – including a brochure with a clear description of the basics of electricity and circuitry. On sale, you can find kits of this designer – X, Y, Z, which differ in the number of devices for development.

Quadcopter Ryze Tech Tello

QuadcopterRyze Tech Tello© Citylink QuadcopterRyze Tech Tello

Thanks to the quadcopter, children not only learn to work with gadgets but also make beautiful photos and videos that can be immediately shared on the network. If you already have a virtual reality helmet, you can see the image as the drone sees it. In addition, the copter helps to learn the Scratch programming language. It almost does not take up space in the backpack – the device is very compact, it is easy to carry, and you can control it from a smartphone.

Puzzle Gigamic Katamino

PuzzleGigamic Katamino

© Yandex Market PuzzleGigamic Katamino

A fascinating puzzle game in which you need to fill the field with elements of different shapes. You can gradually increase the difficulty levels to develop the child’s spatial thinking, perform various tasks from the booklet, or simply use puzzle elements to build buildings.

New formats and transformation

Interactive toys today are bought more often than others. Modern parents have a big request for digitalization, although they do not always understand why an ordinary car has so many driving modes or what is the point of inductive toys – additional functions often seem strange, but modern children are initially different: they are more likely to want to revive an ordinary doll and make a teddy bear talking.

Machine-shifter ZhengGuang Hyper

Flip-perverterZhengGuang Hyper© Yandex Market Flip-shifterZhengGuang Hyper

You can control this vehicle not only with the help of the remote but also with gestures. This format may seem strange, but it’s easy to get used to.

A bracelet is attached to the flip-shifter: the child puts it on his arm, and the machine begins to move. It drives back and forth, spins 360 degrees, drifts, rolls over, and rides the roof down. The toy develops coordination and lifts the mood.

Interactive Toy Smart Bear

Interactive ToyUmmy Bear© Yandex Market Interactive ToyUmmy Bear

If you voice the child’s favorite toys, you can achieve the fulfillment of the request many times faster. Now you do not need to become an actor and speak in different voices: an interactive smart toy “Smart Bear” will do it for you. The bear has buttons on its paws that include a fairy tale or voice messages for the child. Parents can connect to Bear via Wi-Fi and an app on their smartphones. You can constantly change the set of fairy tales, stories, and interesting facts, which means that the Smart Bear will last a long time.

Robot Xtrem Bots Agent

RobotXtrem Bots Agent

© Yandex Market RobotXtrem Bots Agent

The infrared-controlled programmable robot walks, talks, dances, and has 50 functions. It can be controlled with gestures, it can make sounds and speak. The toy will appeal not only to children but also to parents.

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