10 Things That Keep Your House Looking Cluttered

You undoubtedly spend hours every weekend following all of the cleaning and decluttering recommendations, yet your home remains cluttered. You are not being paranoid, so don’t condemn yourself. There’s a lot of junk around that has probably escaped your notice and is undermining your decluttering efforts.

Simple cleaning and organizing aren’t always enough to keep your house clutter-free. Surprised? This post will serve as a wake-up call for you.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 items that are still cluttering up your home—take let’s a look at anything from garish walls and big carpets to your love of plants and clear your path to a clutter-free home!

  1. Keep Your Green Thumb Under Control

Plants are the lungs of our environment, and cultivating them inside should be encouraged. Do they, however, contribute to clutter? They don’t do it like clothing and sheets, but they do it!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get rid of your green pals. If your green thumb is making your property seem cluttered even after a thorough cleaning, the plants are probably out of scale. Plants that grow outside can be misleading since they appear to be much smaller outside, but when grown indoors, they appear to take up a lot of room.

Before you go out and buy plants, have a look at your surroundings. If you live in a small place, avoid species that have a lot of branches. Similarly, avoid selecting plants that are shorter yet have a large girth.

2. Over-decorating
You won’t see any obvious effects of your labor if you have decluttered your home but every wall is still decorated. Over-decorating is a beginner error that most of us commit without even realizing it. It’s probably a disservice to your decor if you’ve styled every wall.

It’s a wonderful thing to have wide walls with few decorations since it allows the décor to breathe. Empty areas with adequate lighting provide the appearance of additional space and increase the square footage of any room. It’s also easier to clean and dust items this way.

So avoid the desire to go all out on your walls!

3. Throw Pillows and Oversized Rugs~
I’m sure you have a huge stash of beautiful pillows stashed away for that one special dinner night or thrilling movie date. You’ll have to say goodbye to those beautiful pillows now that it’s time to clean your home properly.

When you leave them strewn around your living room, they collect dust and clutter the space. If you don’t use the pillows, set aside a spot for them or donate them.

Again, this is something we don’t think about, but it’s a genuine issue: large carpets may make your room seem claustrophobic. Similarly to how bare walls may make a room appear larger, huge rugs can take up a lot of room. Small ones aren’t ideal either, as they’ll appear fragmented.

Consider the size of your furniture as well as the size of your space when choosing carpet and rug sizes.

4. Scattered Pet Items
Your pet’s feeding bowl is in the living room, its toy bones are scattered across the house, and even its bedding has been moved! This is not a pleasant thing to behold. Also, by overshadowing your decluttering efforts, it may make any room seem crowded.

Your pet deserves to be loved, and a clutter-free environment is a wonderful place to start. You must properly teach them and ensure that they do not litter in the house. Pets are excellent learners, and I’m sure you’re an excellent educator as well.

You may also match your pet’s belongings to your home’s design so they don’t stick out as an eyesore.

5. Paper Clutter
It’s nearly hard to totally eliminate papers since they keep reappearing no matter what you do. Take a peek at your study, which you must have cleaned three days ago. It’s most likely a shambles once more.

Paper clutter appears to be endless, ranging from A4 sheets and cinema tickets to old work routines and invoices. In addition, playbooks and drawing sheets abound in the rooms of children.

Maintaining a command center for all critical paperwork, having a go-to dropbox for garbage, and periodically sorting paper stacks are all effective clutter remedies. When it comes to paper, your family will need to collaborate if they want everything to be nice and tidy.

6. Cords and Wires
This isn’t something we’re unaware of; rather, we choose to ignore it since it’s nearly impossible to manage. Wires and cables that are tangled appear incredibly untidy no matter where they are kept. If they’re near any large, electric equipment, the mess multiplies.

Detangling them is plainly not an effective method, since they re-tangle themselves. You may untangle them once, gather them, and secure them using velcro cord ties. Hide them under tiny and large pieces of furniture or conceal them behind walls.

Basically, keep them hidden and you’ll notice an improvement in the interiors.

7. Not Enough Light
Most of us overlook this, yet adequate lighting is critical for creating stunning interiors. Regardless of how clean dark nooks or shadow zones are, they appear dismal and filthy.

For example, if your closet isn’t adequately lighted, you’ll despise how it seems. It will appear cleaner after the lighting is better.

Natural lighting is an excellent way to liven up your home. Allow the sun to soak your belongings by keeping your windows open throughout the day. If natural light isn’t available, use artificial bright lights such as floor lamps, LEDs, and the like.

8. Open Shelves and Dust Collectors
Let’s face it: open shelves don’t provide much in the way of storage. They may appear to do so, but they are more akin to attention-getting display shelves. Open shelves make it difficult to keep things ordered, and they ultimately become a jumble.

From the outside, a cabinet stuffed with items and closed might appear orderly; nevertheless, this is not the case in open areas. Messy open storage, such objects on the floor, would appear to be clutter. Installing doors in open storage rooms to hide the clutter is a smart idea.

Dust collectors are nothing more than childhood figurines or items that bring back pleasant memories. They’re generally kept out in the open, and they grow filthy and dusty much like storage shelves. Even if you put in a lot of effort, the majority of them will make your living space seem cluttered.

9. Knick-knacks
Random little items, if you ask me, are the only ones who have sabotaged my productive decluttering session. They’re in every area, from the home office to the bedrooms and even the kitchen. Pencils, crayons, keychains, movie tickets, chalks, punchers, takeout menus, and other miscellaneous items

The majority of these things have sentimental value or are kept for future use. You don’t have to get rid of them; instead, organizing them might be beneficial.

To begin, sort everything into groups. Rather of having a bunch of pencils all about, put them all in one drawer. Similarly, if you have a large collection of mementos, try to keep them all on one shelf.

Books, for example, may be rotated. Put some books in the garage for a month, bring them back the next month, and send the current lot away if you can’t maintain an entire library on display. This rotation is really beneficial!

10. Stuff on Your Countertops
On your kitchen counter, you’ve placed the blender, toaster, and every fork and spoon. Cutting boards, knife racks, spice jars, and even ordinary cups are placed on the counter since you want them to be easily accessible.

There’s nothing wrong with having things close at hand, but have you considered the consequences? While keeping things like this handy may appear to be beneficial, it makes the kitchen décor appear sloppy.

Prioritize the things and place some in cabinets and drawers first. Your kitchen will be clutter-free and your counter will look nice.

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