10 things you should start doing next year to be okay with yourself

Here are some habits you have to implement in your life to start the New Year on the right foot.

Are you tired of the fact that year after year, you do not manage to realize all your plans and goals? Perhaps what you should do is pay attention to the negative habits that you have to eliminate from your life before starting a New Year. We share a series of new actions to have a better quality of life:

  • Stop accumulating unnecessary objects, perform a deep cleaning of what you no longer use or does not work (applies to objects, clothes and relationships).
  • Tidy up your home, by putting order in your space, your mind will also be at peace, so let’s get to work!
  • Clean your closet, it’s time to take out what you no longer have left and, the best thing is that you can get an income from that by making a garagesale.
  • Start reading a book, we know you have a life accelerated by work, but give the opportunity to a story away from the screen of your cell phone.
  • Leave the sedentary life, it is likely that due to the pandemic you will not have much opportunity to go out, but exercise at least three times a week. Go for a walk in your neighborhood and take your pet for a walk.
  • Eat healthy, choose the food that contains more vegetables, cereals and fruits. The greener your plate looks, the better.
  • Learn something new, it can be some hobby or an academic course. Remember that in life you require three hobbies: one that keeps you creative, another that keeps you in shape and another with which you get money.
  • Stay away from toxic people, since we have all gone through a similar situation at work, with friends or in the family environment, we tell you that it is best to leave those individuals out of your life.
  • Maintain communication with your family, it may be that for some situation they do not talk to each other or that you do not have enough time to mark them, but do not forget to greet them from time to time and congratulate them on their birthdays.
  • If you’re not happy at your job, quit! But if what you are looking for is a raise, do not be afraid and ask for it, remember that “mouth that does not speak, God does not hear it”.

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