10 ways to combine your sneakers with formal office clothes

If you love comfortable shoes but do not know how to wear them with your typical office clothes, the solution is to keep reading to know the ways to combine tennis with formal garments without losing the style.

1 Coat and leggings

A very common way to bring tennis shoes to the office in winter is to combine them with black leggings, a sweatshirt and finally a coat. Simple and effective.


2 Sweatshirt and blazer

You can also use the previous idea, but replacing the coat with a blazer. This way it will look slightly more formal.


3 Shirt and vest

To make you look more elaborate and flirtatious, wear black pants with a white shirt and a vest.


4 Sweater and pants

Coordinate comfortable pants with a sweater that has a more sober appearance. In this way, you will achieve a perfect and warm balance.


5 Denim and cardigan

In case you want a more casual look, then put on some high-throw jeans, a white top, and to top it off, a cardigan.


6 Jeans and mini sweater

Your printed sneakers can combine perfectly with jeans, a crop top, and a light sweater in pastel color.


7 Tailor pants and sweater

Get a sweeter look with tailored pants and a matching sweater or sweatshirt. All very comfortable and impeccable.


8 Skirt and blazer

Of course, you could not miss an outfit with tennis and a skirt. It really is very simple to put one together, just complement with a t-shirt and a blazer.


9 Pants and denim

A casual idea for when you don’t want to plan too much is to show off your sneakers with pants, a t-shirt, and a denim jacket, which will shape it.


10 Blazer and biker shorts

As the last suggestion, we have the famous biker shorts that always look amazing in collaboration with a sports top and blazer.


Play with your wardrobe and don’t forget to take your favorite sneakers everywhere.

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