10 Ways To Decorate Your Apartment With Plants

Spring is almost around the corner, and most of us are eager to emerge from our winter hibernation and into the sunshine and the great outdoors! If you’re a plant enthusiast, bringing your garden within and decorating with plants may liven up your apartment in a variety of ways! This does not imply purchasing a flower arrangement for your kitchen table every now and then; but, having a variety of live plants in your house may assist to circulate the air, freshen your space, and they also look excellent with most design, giving a natural feel. Here are 10 ideas for using plants to beautify your flat.

  1. Let Your Plants Grow Wild

When it comes to gardening, the finest sensation is seeing your plants develop! Climbing figs and many other ivy plants grow long and quickly, and when correctly hung indoors, they may look fantastic. For a jungle-like entrance, place the plant such that it wraps over your door frame.

2. Window Plants
Add more shelves that connect directly into the windows for plants that require a lot of light, or locate a small table to set your plants on. This is a great place to put culinary herbs, aloe, and other tiny plants. To fully show off your green thumb, choose brightly colored containers.

3. Plant Terrariums
These plants are adorable and beautiful additions to your residence, from your coffee table to your corridors and even your bedroom wardrobe! They’re little aquarium tanks for small plants like cacti and succulents, and they’re very easy to keep up with if you forget to water your larger plants.

4. Repurpose Old Furniture For Your Plants
Repurposing old furniture, such as this tiny wooden ladder, to stack a variety of your favorite plants is another fantastic DIY project! Place in a brightly lighted area or as a focal point in your living room to get everyone talking!

5. Plants Should Be Brought Into Your Bedroom
Don’t forget to add some of your favorite plants to the mix! As you sleep, have a look at these hanging potted plants that are growing just over your head! If you only want to put a few tiny plants to your window sill, lavender is a great choice for promoting calm and sleep.

6. Also, your bathroom
Another place that we frequently overlook is the bathroom. Bring some plants in as well, as long as you have a large enough window to let the light in.

7. Make Room On Your Bookshelves
When you’re working with small, confined areas, it’s always difficult to design. Plants may grow anyplace that receives a little beam of sunshine, including on your bookshelves, so don’t feel obligated to create room for them.

8. Floating Shelves for Small Plants
These floating shelves are excellent for your smaller plants, and they’re also a fun DIY project for those of you who want to get your hands dirty with your plants! Hang these in front of a window to give your plants lots of light and to give your living space a more green feel!

9. Plants and Spring Decor
Even if you don’t want to cover your entire house with plants, a few pots here and there, paired with plant paintings and other décor, can truly brighten up a space. Choose plants that cleanse the air, such as spider plants and aloe vera, to make it feel like you’re walking through a meadow in your own home!

10. Hanging Plants
For obvious reasons, these macrame plant holders have gone viral on the internet and Instagram. They are completely unique and give the space an anti-gravity sense, plus they match great with any bohemian décor! They also keep your plants off the ground, which is useful if you have pets that like to gnaw on them.

Which of these plant-decorating ideas will you use in your apartment? Please share your ideas in the comments section!

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