12 Funny Things Everyone Is Secretly Guilty Of Doing

Have you ever gone to the store to buy one item and then decided to buy two more odd items so you wouldn’t be condemned for only buying one? There are numerous other strange things that people do without explanation all of the time, but we all do them. To help you know you aren’t alone, we’ve compiled a list of the craziest behaviors people have.

  1. Pretending To Consider Buying Something That Is Over Priced

When you go shopping and the price of an item surprises you, but you can’t leave the store because you don’t want to appear impoverished.

It’s even worse if you’ve already chosen not to buy something but are still looking around and a salesperson approaches you. “Can I assist you in your search?” “No, Jessica, the costs here are prohibitively high.”

2. Being Extra Nice To Airport Security To Not Be Suspicious
You behave extra polite to TSA officials when you walk through airport security and feel like they are looking at you suspiciously. They didn’t think you were suspect before, but they might now.

Now you’re being taken out of line for a full-body check, because who in their right mind would be especially pleasant at three a.m.?

3. Taking A Break From The Computer To Check Your Phone
Have you ever been searching Facebook on your computer and then taking a break to check Facebook on your phone? Perhaps different items will appear on the app instead of the website.

You believe you’re taking a break from the internet, yet it’s still there in the palm of your hand. So, until you put your phone and computer away completely, you’re never truly taking a step back.

4. Bringing A Book To The Beach And Not Reading It
You are mistaken if you believe you will read the book you stuffed into your beach bag. Most of your time will be spent tanning, in the water, or on your phone.

Save room for snacks, water, and extra sunscreen by leaving the book at home. These are more vital than tossing in a book that will never be read but will get soaked and sandy.

5. Using Songs To Measure Distance
When you go to the gym or go for a run outside, you utilize music to keep track of your distance. Even when driving, you can use the distance to determine how distant something is.

“How long does it take you to get to work?” “It’s about 5 songs,” you say. It makes no sense to others, but it makes perfect sense to you.

6. Lying To Your Doctor About Your Alcohol Consumption
“I only drink one or two beers a month at most.” What’s the point of lying when your doctor knows you’re lying and you know you’re lying? It appears strange if you just consume one or two drinks every month.

Keep your doctors informed, and if all else fails, practice lying. One drink every week seems more likely than one per month.

7. Accidentally Sending A Screenshot Of The Messages To The Person You Are Talking About
Have you ever texted someone and then taken a screenshot to give to someone else? Instead of transmitting it to someone else, you return the screenshot to the person you were texting with.

It’s impossible to act as if you weren’t going to start talking behind their back about that person. It’s really inconvenient, and you should just admit it at that point.

8. Having A Pile Of Shirts And Only Wearing The Top 5
You’ve undoubtedly developed the practice of picking five or six shirts from the top of a pile of shirts, washing them, and then replacing them with the identical shirts.

You repeat this cycle until you either buy new clothes or the top five shirts become too worn or ratty.

9. Buying Fresh Produce And Never Eating It
This is far too true! You go to the grocery store with the intention of making meals for the rest of the week, so you buy a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies, but you’re too lazy to cook, so they stay in the fridge till they spoil.

Now you’ve squandered money and don’t have any food to cook because it’s all gone bad by the time you finally got around to cooking it a week later. Even though you know you won’t cook them, you head to the store and repeat the procedure.

10. Waiting To Leave When Someone Sits Down Next To You
The most inconvenient thing is when you’re ready to get up and someone sits next to you, making you feel as if leaving now will harm their feelings.

You don’t even know the person who sat next to you, yet you feel that if you had to go, you’d be insulting them. When you’re in a position like this, how long have you sat next to someone?

11. Calling Someone Buddy When You Forget Their Name
So you’re out with a group of buddies, and one of them introduces you to someone new. You swear they introduced themselves to you, but their names have entirely escaped your mind.

Because you can’t recall their name, you end up calling them by a nickname for the rest of the night.

12. Eavesdropping On Conversations and Then Joining In
Eavesdropping on other people’s conversations is something we’ve all done. Have you ever been listening to something and then been dragged into a conversation?

It’s extremely awkward because you’re attempting to act as if you have no idea what’s going on despite the fact that you’ve been listening to the entire conversation for the past few minutes.

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