12 Modern Bathroom Tile Designs and Trends

Bathrooms can make or ruin a home’s overall design. It is so important that house sellers and developers concentrate their design and remodeling efforts on it. A dated bath might turn off potential purchasers or depress its user, but a contemporary, sleek, and exciting bath can revitalise and thrill. Bathroom designs and trends change often, so you may need to update the appearance every few years. Changing the tiles in your bathroom is the simplest method to renovate it. Take a look at these contemporary bathroom tile patterns and trends!

1, Vertical Stripes

It’s a little nostalgic, but it’s certainly contemporary. The shower has a two-tone striped wall made of two subway tile colors — white and blue-grey. As a consequence, the style is a wistful homage to the nautical aesthetic — carefree, innocent, and romantic.

2. Pastel Shades
Bathroom accessories in bright colors Walls are popular and fashionable. This stylish and trendy bathroom has a pastel-colored tiled wall. The tans and russets compliment the wood highlights, while the blues balance off the predominantly white interiors.

3. Rustic Bricks
Adding bricks or brick-inspired tiles to your bathroom adds a warm rustic feel to the space. It dispels the dullness and coldness of contemporary bathrooms. The bathroom successfully blends modern features such as smooth tiles and moderate colors with appealing details such as a brick wall, vintage faucets, and plants in repurposed pots.

4. Mixed Herringbone
Having trouble deciding between chilly marble and warm wood tiles? Get them both in this intriguing and fascinating tile material combo. The herringbone pattern provides texture and personality to the space.

5. Stacked Stone
Modern, lovely, and edgy. The gorgeous piled stone accent wall contrasts nicely with the clean surfaces of this contemporary bathroom.

6. Floral Tiles
Floral prints are making a comeback! These eye-catching flower tiles will bring a splash of color and charm to your contemporary bathroom. Wood accents and clean white interiors complete the design. Feminine, colorful, and fun!

7. Blue Portuguese
Colorful, complex, and endearing a pale blue Portuguese tiles, with their delicate details and inviting mood, are ideal accent tiles for modern bathrooms. The perfect complement for modern rooms’ flat and neutral colors.

8. Grey Slate
Slate is a classic and timeless material. The subtle elegance of the slate tile textures is sufficient to adorn a bathroom. The slate tile is used in a variety of shapes and sizes in this modern and dignified grey bathroom.

8. Marble Fish Scale
The fish scale tile can quickly become sticky and out of date. This marble variation of the famous design, on the other hand, is contemporary, eye-catching, and elegant. Keep the rest of the interiors tidy so as not to overpower them.

9. Wood Themed Tiles
Infuse rustic charms into your modern bathroom’s cool minimalist decor. The wood-themed floor tiles and accent wall give the space a warm, welcome feel.

10. Black Slate Squares
Dominant, virile, and fashionable. The wide shower in this elegant and modern bath has black slate walls and ceiling, as well as black pebble tiles for the floor and bench. The room is well-lit thanks to the chrome fixtures and the large window.

11. Mother of Pearl
The mother of pearl bathroom wall is an elegant and rich complement to the stylish and timeless bathroom decor. A one-inch square mosaic wall adds an intriguing and delicate texture to a room with mostly flat surfaces.

12. White and Grey Patterns
White bathrooms are hygienic, contemporary, and light. If you want to add a fun and unusual twist to your white bathroom, these stunning white and grey patterned hexagon tiles can help. Still beautiful and sophisticated, but with a unique twist.

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