12 Totally Simple DIY Crafts For Children To Do On Weekends

The weekend is coming, and you must keep your children occupied or they will become bored. A family movie isn’t a bad idea, but there’s something more that will keep kids busy and also boost their creativity. Request that they make homemade crafts to display and utilize as decorations in the children’s room. Beginning with simple projects can help children develop their creating abilities and may even inspire them to make their own in the future. Furthermore, developing your own skill will improve your patience, breakthrough thinking, and intellectual growth. Get started right away by looking through the list of projects we’ve collected below.

  1. Printable Easter Bunny Baskets

2. Wooden Spoon Scarecrow

3. A Boo Kit

4. Hungry Caterpillar Clothespin Magnets

5. Handprint Valentine Craft

6. Mini paper angels

7. Unicorn Pencil Holder

8. A Whirlygig

9. Salt Dough Halloween Ornaments

10. Paper Roll Owl Craft

11. Printable Dragon Marionette Puppet

12. Monster Felt Finger Puppets

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