12 Wedding Decoration Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

Choosing the right wedding reception décor might seem like an endless process. Your wedding site will be enhanced and your wedding theme will be carried out with the correct décor. However, with so many wedding decorating ideas available online, narrowing down the finest for your taste may be difficult. We’re here to assist you if you’re not sure what to do.

Before you go out and buy or rent wedding reception decorations, check your venue contract to see if there are any restrictions on what you may bring on your own. A museum or another historic wedding location, for example, may not allow decorations that detract from the property (like nails for signage or hanging light fixtures). Alternatively, if you’re having a backyard wedding, assess the space first to determine what décor ideas are feasible, especially if you’re in a distant place.

  1. Hang Your Flowers
    Flowers aren’t only for centerpieces anymore. A creative idea to create a more intimate environment is to suspend lush arrangements a few feet over your guests’ dinner plates. Hanging flowers from the ceiling adds dimension to the area and is a unique approach to change the space and make it seem personal to you.
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2. Sweet Table

Tables piled high with sweets, cake pops, macarons, doughnuts, cupcakes, fruit skewers, and other treats are visually stunning as well as serving dessert to your guests. Fresh plants in pots, garlands, and confetti on the table provide a lovely focal point for your reception area.

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3. Fairy Light Trees

Hire LED cherry trees to dot throughout the ceremony space, or even smaller ones as table centerpieces, for a beautiful wedding. Use them outside to direct people towards the venue and create ambiance if it’s a winter wedding and it gets dark early.

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4.  Neon Signs

If you want a big message, hire a neon sign, or buy smaller neon signs to position about your venue and turn on when the lights dim and everyone starts to dance.

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5. Use a Table Runner That Pops

Yes, colored table runners and chargers may add a pop of color to your wedding table. Alternatively, for a more dramatic effect, use statement tablecloths. To draw attention to the middle of the tables, choose a bold color or textured design. Then, rather than having many large flower centerpieces, space them out in smaller bud vases to bring attention to the colorful accents. 

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6. A Balloon Arch

A balloon arch will add a youthful touch to your wedding celebration. Use it to point guests to your entrance, or use it elsewhere, such as above the bar, surrounding the sweetheart table, or as a photobooth background. You may also utilize it as the wedding arch to add a fun touch to the event.

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7. Photo Walls

Stringing your favorite relationship photographs over a wall is a simple way to liven up a space. It’s a quick and easy decoration – and it’s much easier if you get this twine and micro pegs kit, which includes everything you need for only £5.99!

8. Candles

First and foremost, ensure sure your candles are in good working order. Display them in lanterns or glass jars to avoid them being knocked over or catching fire. Also, make sure your location allows candles; if not, invest in LED candles. If you have the space, they can offer a lot of character and ambiance to hallways, tables, stairwells, and other areas.

9. Layer Rugs

Consider starting from the bottom up for unique wedding decoration ideas. The floor of your reception location, believe it or not, may have a significant influence on the entire atmosphere of the area. Layer patterned rugs on top of each other near the entryway or in a designated lounge area to create a comfortable and unique atmosphere. Rugs that match your color scheme will help to keep the theme going in a practical and deliberate way.

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10. Rustic Bar

Although your venue may already have a bar, a bar provides a statement focal point if you’re having an outdoor wedding or if they’ll allow you set up a service section exclusively for pouring your trademark cocktails. Find a huge rustic side dresser and fill it with empty liquor bottles, as well as a display of pre-mixed drinks in the center. Look for antique items on eBay, Etsy, Gumtree, and other sites.

11. Chandeliers and Lighting

Chandeliers and lampshades in a variety of forms and sizes give a space height and intrigue. It’s useful to have something to keep people looking up if you don’t like your venue’s floor or carpeting.

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12. Flower Walls

Flower walls provide the perfect wedding picture background and instantly transform a space. You may hire them or have your florist build one for you, but hiring one will save you a lot of money.

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