13 mistakes in cleaning

It’s time to change habits, and then the house will be much cleaner.

Cleaning the house may seem simple, albeit time-consuming. But there are a number of points that many housewives overlook. If you take into account and correct these mistakes, household chores will take less time and effort.

Use a panicle of feathers

In the movies, it looks beautiful. In fact, such a panicle – it, by the way, is called pipidaster – only transfers dust from one surface to another. Instead, it is better to use a microfiber napkin that will capture and hold particles of dust, wool, and other unpleasant things.

Rarely change the cloth for cleaning

Even if your cleaning rag does not look so old, it should be changed at least once a month. Especially if it’s a floor rag. A simple life hack: look at the rag with which you wipe the dust. Would they wash the window with it? If not, feel free to throw it away.

Cover furniture with polish

When you spray the furniture directly with a polisher, it creates plaque that is difficult to remove, and it draws even more dust to the surface. To avoid this effect and give a gloss to wooden furniture, it is better to spray polish on the fabric with which you wipe the surface.

Do not wipe the windows before washing

If you forget to remove dust on the windowsills and frames, any window cleaner dripping on the frame will turn into a muddy dirty liquid and stain everything even more. So first it is better to walk with a dry cloth and on the glass, and on the frames to erase as much dirt and soot as possible.

Forget about switches

Door handles and switches – they, perhaps, are most often touched by both the owners of the house and guests. Remember the last time you wiped a switch? Meanwhile, ideally, they need to be cleaned every day, and not with ordinary rags, but with disinfectant wipes.

Quickly rinse off the cleaner

This is an eternal disease of housewives: spray the means for cleaning the bath, toilet, tiles, any other surface, and immediately begin to furiously wipe off the dirt. Wait a few minutes for the cleaners to work – the longer they interact with the surface, the better the dirt will dissolve. Therefore, the scheme “sprinkled (smeared) and immediately wiped” is not suitable here.© Getty Images

Store wet brush in holder

Hello, a hotbed of bacteria! Instead of just putting another wet brush in the holder, put it under the chair so it can dry.

Just shake out the trash can

Pulled out a garbage bag, in return immediately shoved a new one – most of us do just that. And then one can only wonder why the kitchen smells so bad. The bucket should be washed every time you change the garbage bag, and once a week wipe it with a cleaning agent containing chlorine to kill bacteria and get rid of the unpleasant odor.

Forget to vacuum cleaner

If you forget about it, you’ll end up just vacuuming the dirt rather than cleaning it up.

Wash windows in sunny weather

Because of the sun, the window cleaner will dry out before you can finish cleaning and stripes will remain on the window. It is best to wash the windows on cloudy days.

Use dish washing liquid in cleaning

Despite the fact that such liquids perfectly dissolve fat, they also leave stripes and streaks on most surfaces. Therefore, do not use liquid to wash windows or mirrors.

Use dish sponges for longer than a week

These sponges aren’t really that useful unless you disinfect them every few days. To do this, wet the sponge in water, place it in a microwave dish, and heat it over high heat for a minute. But even after that, the sponge can not be used for a long time. As scientists have found out, a sponge is the dirtiest thing in the house, and you need to change it at least once a week.

Forget to clean the dishwasher

Food can get stuck around the dishwasher filter. Remove the filter regularly, rinse it, and cycle with the dishwasher cleaner so that it (and your dishes too) remains in excellent condition.

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