14 Fabulous Wedding Table Runners For Your Special Day

Table runners are a terrific way to spruce up your tables and can really add that wow factor to your reception area. There are so many fabrics to choose from, from soft and pretty chiffons to add a touch of romance to your tablescape, to earthy burlaps and recycled coffee/potato sacks for a more rustic feel, or sparkly sequins for some high-octane glamour (Etsy has lots of lovely sequin table runners if you’re looking for one of your own). Of course, you can get crafty and do some DIY with paper runners, stitch some gorgeous ribbons together, or make a statement with spray painted paper doilies if you want to!

If you want to add a personal touch to your tables, you can always stencil your initials on the ends of your burlap bags or place some photos in the middle of a paper-made runner. A cluster of mason jars is an excellent method to create a dramatic tablescape that won’t break the bank if you’re seeking to make an impact and create a pleasant lighted environment.

  1. Chevrons

2. Lace

3. Burlap 

4. Florals 

5. Sequins 

6. Sequins & Fabric

7. Book Pages

8. Chiffon 

9. Wooden Plank

10. Printed Fabric

11. Ribbons 

12. Doilies

13. Spray-Painted Paper Doilies

14. Mason Jars

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