14 Times People Have Been Mystified By What They Have Seen

Even better than computers, the human brain perceives and adapts to patterns. However, we can’t help but wonder what we’re looking at from time to time. Some items are simply too perplexing for us to comprehend; even the most sophisticated software would struggle to recognize them. Still, with a little patience, we can solve visual puzzles, which gives us pleasure.

  1. It appears to be one of those photos used to test color blindness.

2. Just my dad and his dog

3. A flat wall/door that looks like a corner.

4.  “Giant rescued Bully Pitt’s head could easily be mistaken for mine.”

5. My dog looks like an A.I. generated mess.

6. One cat looks like 2.

7. Levitating hand

8. Sometimes after a hike our feet get confused.

9. Went to the Grand Canyon and took a pic of a squirrel, didn’t notice the miniature Asian man trying to pet it.

10. From a Belgian TV show.

11. This sassy gal showing off her gams.

12. Seen on the London Underground.

13. Looks like the boat is riding the edge of a wave.

14. This Lay’s chip bag is perfectly aligned with my buddy’s face.

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