15 Clever Hiding Spots That People Found in Ordinary Objects

From an armchair with a concealed compartment for drinks to a bookcase that can be moved to make room for a billiard table, the magic of things is frequently buried. Creativity knows no bounds, and it showed up in unexpected places in the cases below.

We’ve put together a new collection of photos of unique hiding areas where you can conceal items you don’t want others to find.

  1. “My piano from 1885 has a hidden pop-out candle holder.”

2. “This restaurant’s secret menu”

3. “There’s a hidden Discover logo on this credit card that only appears under UV light.”

4. “My boxers have a secret message on the inside of the fly.”

5. “I dropped an old camel souvenir that revealed a secret compartment on its back that I never knew about.”

6. “The hidden ironing board in the house we rented”

7. “Bought a house, and it came with a secret cabinet behind a cabinet.”

8. “This dining table has a hidden game compartment under the table.”

9. “Cool pantry”

10. “My cake came with a knife that has hidden matches for birthday candles.”

11. “Brought a house that had a hidden room — I found it when I parked a bus on it.”

12. “Locked bathroom doors in airplanes can be unlocked from the outside.”

13. “My friend’s couch has a secret wine compartment.”

14.  “A secret closet entrance: a Doctor Who TARDIS.”

15. “This hotel I stayed at has a billiards room through a secret door behind this bookshelf.”

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