15 DIY Ideas to Surprise Your Partner to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

If you don’t consider yourself materialistic or don’t have much of a budget to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you’re in luck. We have these fantastic ideas to show your other half how much it means to you.

As we all know, showing your loved ones what they mean to you has nothing to do with spending money, and sometimes smaller gestures can have the biggest impact.

So, we have put together some simple tips for you to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day, without your economy suffering.

1. Homemade cards

Unleash your creativity, using everything from wrapping paper to ribbons to magazine clippings. Need some inspiration? Create one of the 4 personalized DIY cards that we propose in the opening video to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, you can make a somewhat spicier homemade craft with this scratch card and get some prizes full of love.

2. Breakfast in bed

Heart-shaped fried eggs on Valentine's Day

A cheesy but easy idea: breakfast in bed is always a winning idea. Prepare your partner’s favorite toast and serve it on a tray. Extra points if the surprise is complete and you wake it up with the smell of coffee.

3. Wreath for your little love

If your partner likes flowers, you will love this Valentine’s wreath, which you can use to decorate doors and walls throughout the year. These arrangements are very colorful and have many possibilities, as you can see in this video with a step-by-step to know how to make a beautiful crown with fabric flowers.

2. Print your favorite photos

We all carry a lot of photos on our phones nowadays, but we rarely print them, even if it’s super cheap and easy. Whether it’s your vacation photos or your cute selfies, print out some of the best couple photos so they can keep them forever. We have the best ideas to decorate the walls of your house with your best photographs.

3. Create a playlist

Couple dancing

All you need is to keep an eye on your musical tastes on your iTunes or Spotify account to create a playlist with your favorite tracks. You can also opt for a USB or burn a cd. Choose a selection of your songs, which will bring you happy memories of the good times together.

5. Plan exciting nights for the whole year

If your partner is the one who always organizes your appointments, takes the reins, and writes a plan with 12 exciting ideas for 12 nights, then plan them on the calendar, so every month you will look forward to it.

6. Why did you fall in love?

Again, we let ourselves be carried away by the cheesier or ñoño side, but when was the last time you told your partner everything he likes the most? I’m sure it’s been a long time… or never. So, write down all the things you love about your partner, do not leave anything in oblivion, because even the small details have a great symbology and will be a lasting memory, which they can read again every time they need to cheer up.

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7. Cook a special cake

Spend some time in the kitchen preparing your partner’s favorite cake or dessert. Here are some ideas for romantic desserts. These are the best recipes with romantic sweets to fall in love with.

8. Your favorite food

Whether your other half likes pizza, curry, or something a little more elegant, buy all the ingredients you need to prepare your favorite recipe (spend some time to buy, without spending much) and cook …

woman is preparing proper meal Healthy food at home. Happy woman is preparing the proper meal in the kitchen. cooking stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

9. Prepare a romantic table

The most detailed enjoy thinking about every detail, even when it comes to dressing the table. You will like these ideas with easy DIY crafts to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner at home. Take a look at this video tutorial and you will see how the night ends with a very happy ending.

10. Give up control…

If you don’t stop arguing about who chooses what to watch on TV, do the most honorable thing and come to an agreement on who can choose the next Netflix series or all the Friday night movies for a month. And then keep it up; no complaints are allowed.

Couple dancing

11. Toast with the cocktails of love

Party and siesta! This is how the day presents itself if you dare to prepare one of these two combined and turn them into true potions of love. The first, is a cocktail with raspberries, blueberries, vodka, and soda with mint or, the second, which is made from tequila, red grapefruit juice, and lime. You’ll also like these 22 easy recipes for cocktails, juices, or smoothies.

12. Give away time coupons

This one is definitely a cliché, but spend time making coupons or tokens for your partner to do those little things you like to share— from back massages to foot massages —and then give them permission to use them whenever they want.

13. Leave small notes

It can be writing, in your own handwriting, on a card, that you can put the windshield of the car or in your bag or work backpack, up to a post-it stuck in the bathroom mirror. Give him a surprise on Valentine’s Day! Write some heartfelt lines, in your own handwriting, with nice lettering. Here are some good ideas to use this writing technique in decoration.

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14. Go for a romantic walk

Whether it’s a walk to the bar where you met or an excursion through all their favorite places in the city, take a romantic route, and then go for a walk together. It is a unique moment and one of the best outdoor activities most suitable to release anxiety.

15. Make a collage

Gather as many little memories as you can of your relationship and paste them into a collage. Collect concert or movie tickets, reminders of your honeymoon, photos of the two together, sayings about their favorite movies, the labels of their perfume… Even if it seems like chaos, you’re going to fall in love with him.

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