15 Genius Things To Solve Everyday Problems

In life, most of us are solely concerned with issues that touch us. We have a tendency to overlook issues that may appear little to us but have a significant impact on others (that includes our beloved planet earth as well). Thankfully, there are people out there who think about others as well as themselves. Here’s a collection of some brilliant answers to problems that didn’t bother us or for which we didn’t believe there was a need to find a solution.

  1. Plastic Bottle Currency
    China has come up with a novel approach to pollution control. They’ve implemented recycling-for-payment schemes.
    The program was first implemented in a crowded Beijing metro, with passengers receiving a credit of 5 to 15 cents per bottle.

2. A Winter Simulator
Have you ever purchased winter clothing only to discover that it was ineffective at keeping you warm? You have, without a doubt.
This winter simulator features a temperature below zero, allowing you to try on winter clothing before purchasing it.

3. Drinking Fountain for Humans and Doggos
This fountain was created by someone who genuinely enjoys dogs (and we guess humans as well).
Panting is typical in dogs because it helps them cool down, which is why they need to drink water frequently. This is a fantastic solution to their drinking water concerns.

4. Skateboard Parking
Having your skateboard stolen can be really painful, especially if it is your favorite.
This school, on the other hand, is very concerned about its skateboard-owning children. We’re curious if they have a skateboarding team at school.

5. Side of Petrol Cap Doesn’t Matter Anymore
As previously stated, modern challenges necessitate modern solutions. You’ve probably encountered this issue at the gas station previously.
The gas pump in Seoul is suspended from the roof, therefore the side of your petrol cap will not be a problem.

6. Makeup Towels That Won’t Show All The Smudges
Ladies will agree that removing makeup with a towel is a time-consuming job.
There is a hotel that has devised a solution to this issue. Makeup cloths that don’t show smudges are available. The issue has been resolved!

7. A Phone Number for Bedtime Stories
Some folks may have felt nostalgic while watching this phone. This phone serves as a reminder of how far technology has advanced through time.
Although it may appear to be a little inconvenience, most students find it aggravating to discover an empty pen during an exam.

8. Toilet with a Privacy Button
When you’re doing your thing in the bathroom and people outside are hearing strange noises, it can be embarrassing.
There’s a privacy button on this Japanese toilet that plays music so no one can hear what’s going on inside. Hey, it can be used for a variety of other things (wink wink).

9. A Tie with a Dual Purpose
Isn’t it true that we all need products that can serve multiple purposes in our lives? This tie, on the other hand, is ideal for folks who want clean mobile/laptop screens.
The tie has a microfiber inside that allows the user to wipe their phone/laptop without scratching it.

10. Toilet Paper with a Smaller Roll Inside
We’ve all felt the anguish of not being able to find toilet paper in the toilet. There is, however, a remedy to this dilemma that is contained within a small box.
When the larger roll of toilet paper runs out, this type of toilet paper comes with a smaller roll that can be used in its place. You can also take it with you when you’re out and about.

11. Safety First
As we all know, wearing a seatbelt when driving is critical since it not only saves your life but also prevents you from being pulled over and receiving a citation.
This car simply ensures that if you are not wearing a seatbelt, you will not be able to enjoy your drive with decent music.

12. Handful? No Problem
Have you ever gotten into an elevator with your hands full of shopping bags and other other items? It can be difficult to press the button to your floor (unless you have three hands).
This elevator solved the problem by allowing you to press the buttons with your feet.

13. Rotating Bench
We don’t sit in the rain without first washing the seat. To clean the bench, we hunt for tissue paper or a dry cloth.
This revolving seat keeps one side of the bench dry so you can relax and enjoy yourself without having to worry about damp clothes.

14.  A Caring Dentist
When we go to the dentist, most of us are really bored. We can’t do anything when the dentist has his or her hand in our mouth, after all.
This neighborhood dentist, on the other hand, puts a “Where’s Wally” game on the ceiling to keep the patient occupied during the procedure.

15. A Chair with Dual Purpose
Carrying your purse on your shoulder or handling it while drinking coffee can be aggravating. There is, however, a remedy to this issue.
This chair was created with two goals in mind: to allow individuals to sit while also holding their baggage.

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