15 Internet Users Who Created Genius Lifehacks That Are Game Changers

An old broom with nappy bristles does not need to be discarded. You may simply solve the problem by employing a simple life hack. Simply ask internet users, and they will provide you with useful suggestions.

We compiled a list of 15 clever life hacks that we hope you will find useful.

  1. “This guy on the plane using his headphone cord as a hook.”

2.  “The curtain at the hotel won’t stay closed so the baby can nap. Lifehacked it.”

3. “Coconuts are used as flower pots”

4. “An old indoor swimming pool that now gets used as an office.”

5. “Cover your white shoes in toilet paper while drying so they avoid yellow swirls.”

6. “My 71-year-old mother tapes a plastic cup (with the bottom cut out) on those hotel hairdryers.”

7. “Need a simple dispensing solution for your dog waste bags? Cut a water bottle in half, mount with command strips!”

8. “Have we talked about baking IKEA muffins yet?”

9. “Egg prep for camping. A simple solution that saves on space.”

10. “Milk jug paint pot”

11. “To quickly defrost and steam frozen buns!”

12.  “Tape a dryer sheet on your wall register to make your room smell fresh.”

13.  “Someone crocheted around a rock being used as a doorstop in my building so it doesn’t slam so loudly.”

14. “The way this pot is being used as a sink.”

15,  “Simple tablet stand”

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