15 Strange Facts About Japan You Probably Didn’t Know

Japan is a lovely East Asian island rich in culture and heritage. The country’s population of 126.5 million people is dispersed throughout cities and rural communities. Japan is often making news for technological developments, and it offers unique vacation experiences that everyone should take advantage of. Japan is a country unlike any other, with curiosities like hug cafés and peculiar cultural traditions. Continue reading to learn more strange facts about Japan that will make you want to plan your next vacation.

1.A Hotel Staffed By Robots
The Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, is the first robot-staffed hotel in the world. You can communicate with a variety of robots, including a dinosaur. It is a major tourist attraction that attracts visitors from all over the world. Japan is a big fan of robots, and they’ve installed them in a lot of places throughout the years.

2. Square Watermelons For Easier Stacking
Watermelons in the form of cubes are grown in Japan. They’re frequently presented as presents or used solely for decoration. Square watermelons are extremely costly, costing up to $100. They initially appeared in the 1980s, when a farmer/artist altered their form with a plastic mold. They were thought to be simpler to stack at the grocery shop, but few people bought them on a regular basis.

3. There Is A Small Island Only Inhabited By Bunnies
Okunoshima is a Japanese island populated entirely by rabbits. It’s still unknown how these bunnies ended up on this island. They are allowed to roam freely, are well-fed, and are not threatened by predators. This location is frequently featured in viral travel videos, and thousands of tourists visit each year to witness the phenomenon.

4. There Are 70 Flavors Of Fanta
The 70 various flavors of Fanta soda are only one example of the intriguing diversity of flavored foods and drinks available in Japan. They desire more than the original tastes in their beverages, so they increase the flavors. Melon cream, peach, and salty watermelon are among the tastes available. The variety of sodas available in Japan will never weary you.

There Are 70 Flavors Of Fanta

5. There Are More Pets Than Children
In Japan, there are over 23 million registered dogs and cats, but only 16.5 million children under the age of 15. Despite their cramped living quarters, Japanese people like having several cats or dogs, and who wouldn’t desire a pet family?

6. There Is A Building With A Highway Passing Through It
Three of the floors of the Gate Tower Building in Osaka, Japan, have a roadway running through them. Cars may drive directly through the 16-story structure. Because individuals wanted to create an off-ramp and a building in the same location, there were a number of sacrifices made in this design. In the end, they produced an intriguing architectural piece.

7. Godzilla Is An Official Citizen Of Japan
Godzilla is now a Japanese citizen. In several Godzilla films, the huge monster terrorizes Japan, yet he is accepted as a member of society. His citizenship certificate states that he was born on April 9, 1954, and that his purpose for special residency is to “promote the amusement of and watch over the Kabuki-Cho district while attracting people from all over the world.”

8. There Is A Thing Called “Crying Sumo” Contests
The Nazikumo Celebration is an annual festival hosted at the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo. The festival’s goal is to see who can make a baby cry first among sumo wrestlers. While this may appear harsh, the Japanese believe that tears safeguard their children’s health.

9. Death From Overworking Is Common
We previously said that napping at work is a sign of commitment since it indicates that you are working until you are exhausted, yet this might lead to death. Many individuals in Asia are overworked, which adds to health issues such as heart attacks and strokes caused by stress and hunger. One woman died of a heart attack after working 159 hours of overtime.

10. Cafes With Anti-Loneliness Companions
Some individuals like to sit alone in a café, while others wish they had someone or something to keep them company. When you order alone at the Moomin House Cafe in Tokyo, one of these cuddly toy animals will accompany you. Anti-loneliness friends are what they’re called.

11. The Vending Machines Have Everything
Japan’s vending machines are out of this world. In addition, the country boasts the world’s largest density of vending machines. These gadgets can provide you with almost whatever you want. Everything from rice and sake to batteries and t-shirts is available. In Japan, there are few items you can’t get from a vending machine.

12. Chewing Loud Is Polite
In many places, eating noisily or with your mouth open is considered impolite, yet in Japan, not slurping and chewing loudly is regarded impolite. Slurping noodles and soup is a widespread behavior in Japan. When drinking from a bowl of soup, rather than using a spoon, it is usual to bring the bowl to your mouth.

13. Blue Color Traffic Lights
The traffic light colors in most nations are red, yellow, and green, however in Japan, they are red, yellow, and blue. This occurred in order to conceal a linguistic error. The Japanese word for blue is “ao,” which is also the word for green. When traffic lights were first installed in the 1930s, the hue of the light was referred to as “ao” in official papers, which was confusing. Rather than modifying the name, the administration chose the bluest hue of green for the light.

14. There Are 80,000 Ramen Shops
There are 4,000 distinct ramen places to sample in Tokyo alone. You could spend the rest of your life visiting every ramen restaurant in Japan. If you’re unfamiliar with ramen, it’s a classic Japanese cuisine that consists of long wheat noodles in a pork or fish broth.

15. Clubbing Was Illegal Until 2015
Dancing at nightclubs was forbidden in Japan until 2015. Public dancing was prohibited unless the venue received a license. People used to disobey the laws all the time, and the cops would look the other way, but now they may dance freely. They took the choice because the 2020 Olympics will be held there, and they wanted tourists to have as much fun as possible.

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