15+ Things That Are Not The Size You’d Expect

We’re accustomed to seeing creatures, objects, and locations of standard size. We feel astonished, afraid, or pleased when we see the same creatures, things, and places in extraordinary sizes.

What do you think when you see anything ordinary magnified or magnified to microscopic proportions?

  1. Good thing there’s a barrier
    Can you believe the size of that saltwater crocodile? Is it even real? It doesn’t matter. Just stay still and don’t make any sudden moves.

2. Edward strawberryhands
Look at those mutated strawberries! It’s like 10 strawberries banded together to grow as one big piece.

3. Twice his size
They found this gigantic lifeless but fully intact squid on the beach. Where did it come from? The island of giant squids?

4. Big Baby
He’s literally the biggest baby born. He was born at 23lbs. The baby on the left seems so tiny compared to him.

5.  Fluffy dog
Having a bad day and just want to feel better? Look for this dog and let him give you a big, big hug.

6. Baby mantis
Don’t blink or you’ll miss this baby praying mantis. It’s a wonder they even saw this little guy!

7. The smallest mobile
In a time when we want the biggest screens on our mobile phones, this is a big surprise. Would you believe this phone is only 74.4mm? That’s 2.9 inches!

8. Careful with those pinchers!
Be careful getting close to these crabs. They can cut off your entire arm with their pinchers!

9. Do not get stung, do not get stung
Do not get stung. Can you imagine getting stung by this Lion’s Mane jellyfish? You’re gonna end up in the hospital for weeks!

10. From big to small
The list started with a lot of big things and animals. Now, we’ve got the smallest sea turtle on the list!

11. Teeny tiny bunny
Look at this teeny, tiny bunny! And she fits perfectly in his hand.

12. The largest wombat
Meet Patrick the wombat. He’s 29 years old and he is the world’s largest living wombat.

13. Perfect fit
He fits perfectly inside a small leaf. And look at that smile on his face!

14. Cat and a Coke
He is just the cutest little kitten! He’s just as small as Coke can. He can probably fit on the palm of an adult hand.

15. A giant screw
That is the biggest screw ever made. Made for the biggest shelf in the biggest house.

16.  Whale watching
What a treat for the people on the boat! Can’t believe they found this humongous whale on the ocean.

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