15 Times People Faced An Unpredictable Situation

When a child requests ice cream on a hot day, the last thing we expect is for them to put it right on their head. This is an unexpected turn of events that no one could have foreseen. We suddenly realize how unpredictable the world is, and we may feel the need for a personal fortune teller to assist us.

Enjoy these photographs that we’re presenting with you, where you’ll never know what’s going to happen next.

1. “Someone came for an interview at my work the other day and casually drove off without their shoes.”

2. “My team said we were dressing as dominoes…”

3.  “My number for the country’s final exams was 11412. I signed up for the local coast guard this week and my number is 11412.”

4. “’Breakfast in bed’ was taken quite literally.”

5. “A classroom at my university has a tree growing inside of it.”

6. “There was a leak in my office lobby after yesterday’s thunderstorm — took me a moment to realize the purpose.”

7. “Noticed a small crack in my plate halfway into dinner.”

8. “I don’t think that means what you think it means.”

9.  “My little brother just returned from trick-or-treating…”

10.  “Yep, that about checks out.”

11. “I missed my exit for Spooky Town and I’m now in Horror-ville.”

12. “I had an uncut Cheez-It cracker.”

13. “Mozzarella sticks with no mozzarella”

14.  “I legit thought I’d cycled past a zebra till I stopped to look back for a double-take.”

15.  “My son said he was hot and wanted ice cream. This is not what I expected.”

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