16 Photos That Prove Mother Nature Has A Sense of Humor

Humans have the ability to create many lovely things on our planet. However, nothing compares to the natural beauty of the Earth. On a daily basis, Mother Nature dazzles us with interesting animals, stunning scenery, and incredible hues.

Mother Nature, on the other hand, is as funny as she is lovely. She’s got a great sense of humour. We may not always think so while we’re the brunt of her jokes, but she’s actually very funny in retrospect.

  1. A phallic strawberry

2. Foot Carrot

3. Tree Butt

4. Frozen Waterfall

5. Apple

6. “Do not eat”

7. Double the Fun

8. Van Gogh Lawn

9. Rainbow Dome

10. Pull Up The Carpeting

11. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

12. Unstoppable

13. Filling The Gaps

14. Mother and Baby Rock

15. Dragon rock

16. Hilarious Turtle

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