16 things that unfaithful husbands do in everyday life

How do men behave who cheat on their wives?how to understand whether the husband is cheating

It has long been observed that a man who has a relationship on the side becomes more secretive overnight.

  1. Puts, for example, a password on the phone, computer and other gadgets.
  2. Turns on the smartphone screen mode hidden alerts.
  3. Constantly delayed at work, meetings, meetings with partners, etc.
  4. Finds urgent cases on weekends.
  5. Begins to more thoroughly monitor himself: loses weight, goes to sports, buys new clothes, most often new underwear.
  6. For a long time locked in the bathroom or toilet with a telephone.
  7. Does not answer calls, calls back after a while.
  8. Tries to avoid, minimize or even reduces to zero intimate life.
  9. Or, on the contrary, unexpectedly offers to try something completely new in sex.

Despite the fact that absolutely all men who have an affair on the side do this, their behavior may have its own nuances, which depend on what plans for the future life this man has. In general, husbands who do not remain faithful to their chosen ones can be divided into three categories.

How men behave after infidelity, psychology

The first includes those who cheat but are not going to leave. Such husbands behave, as a rule, so that the mosquito of the nose does not sharpen, that is, they surround the wife with comfort and create such conditions in the house that she, even knowing about the campaigns of the faithful to the left, does not need anything and has no reason to file for divorce. Husbands who are not going to divorce could be called in some respect ideal: they are well aware that there is nothing good in infidelity, they are even partially ashamed of their behavior in front of their spouse and children, so they always try to compensate them for possible inconveniences and lack of proper attention with the help of material goods.How men behave after infidelity, psychology

The second category of husbands who are not faithful is those who have not yet decided whether to leave or stay. Such men always try to keep a good mine with a bad game: extremely polite with his wife, provide, try to find time, and pay attention, but they already feel a chill.

  1. There is, for example, an irresistible desire to have another blanket separate from his wife under the pretext that it will be much more comfortable to sleep this way.
  2. You may want to sleep in your pajamas, which hasn’t happened before.

How men behave after infidelity, psychology

The third category is those who are already one foot behind the threshold. Such unfaithful husbands are already bad at hiding the fact that the relationship with their wives is no longer valuable to them. They can stay because there is an established way of life, joint property, common children, but pulls them to a completely different place. And that’s when the signs of distancing begin to appear.

  1. Increased irritability. When there are no warm feelings for the legitimate spouse, but they are for some other woman, she begins to irritate, and all at once – with her actions, actions, care, offers, where to go on the weekend, what to buy …
  2. Unwillingness to spend time together. A man who is mentally already beyond the threshold, but in the passport is still a husband, will find any reason not to go together to visit or on vacation. It can even provoke a scandal before the birthday of the spouse, so as not to stay at home and not take part in the celebration of the event.
  3. Separate sleep. A man who has everything more serious there than at home will make every effort to move from a common bed with his wife to a separate one – in other words, move to the next room on the couch. However, if he has not yet decided on leaving, he will do it under some plausible pretext.
  4. Strange reactions. He will start to wince if he is casually touched when he is sleeping. It’s as if someone else has touched him or he’s not sleeping at home. Almost the same reaction can follow if you try to take his hand or hug him – he will dodge, pull his hand away, and this will happen on a semi-automatic. From which we can conclude that he has already established tactile contact with someone else.
  5. What else can you pay attention to. Under any pretext, the husband will try to spend less time at home. Talk to him will have only on everyday topics. He may also ask you to cook a new dish that you have never made in principle.

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