18 Photos of Texas Coping With Its Coldest Weather in Over 30 Years

It has been this chilly in Texas since 1989. The state’s power grid failed because it couldn’t cope with the demand for electricity as temperatures dropped below -10C (14F). The grid operator has implemented rotating power outages to cut demand, leaving millions of people without power.

In the aftermath of the catastrophic storm that swept across the southern and central sections of the United States this week, millions of people were still without power on Tuesday and were bracing for another chilly, dark night. Such devastation occurs only once every generation in many of these regions. To help you understand how it has affected the area, we has rounded up a list of these images.

  1. My Parents Let The Dog Go Outside After The Storm. These Are The Resulting Footprints

2. Probably The Best Picture I Have Ever Taken Of Mops. She Enjoyed The Texas Snow Today!

3. Plowing Snow With A Cardboard TV Box

4. Guess I’ll Wait Till Next Week

5. Texas Winter Storm

6. Left The Faucet Dripping To Keep The Pipes From Freezing. It Didn’t Work Out. Taylor, Texas

7. Im Mean…. Its Not Often You Can Say You Went Snowboarding In Texas

8. Texas Winter Storm

9. I Saw German Outdoor Freezers And Decided To Share Mine From Texas

10. Houston Valentine’s Day Freeze

11. I Kinda Felt Like I Was In 30 Days Of Night. It Was Beautiful Out There But Also Slightly Terrifying

12. Props To Our Local Canyon Lake Farmers, Who Are Caring For Animals (And Plants) Through This Weather

13. I Was Basically In My Car With My Mom From 8 Am Until Close To 6 Pm Today Just Staying Warm, Finding Food And Getting Gas. Welcome To Houston Aka Ghetto Narnia. I Miss Last Week

14. Going To The Restroom In Texas Today. (Real Pic From A House In Dallas)

15. Texas Winter Storm

16. This Winter Storm System Is Testing Us In Many Ways. Pushing Us To Our Limits. Creating Challenges We Didn’t Expect And Requiring Us To Make Tough Decisions

17. What In The East Coast Nonsense Is This Texas?!?! Who Do I Need To Write About This Snowy Situation I Am Not Pleased! This Is My Backyard And I Have Questions!

18. Texas Winter Storm

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