20 Awesome Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Here is a collection of helpful hints for your old coffee beans to get you started. We hope it assists you in finding an appropriate application for it. Perhaps you can conceive of another application!

  1. Build a cockroach trap: Fill a can with two inches of wet coffee grounds, then use double-sided tape to seal the rim. The roaches will be drawn into the trap by the fragrance, and the tape will keep them there.
uses for coffee grounds

2. Remove Garlic Odor From Hands: Under the sink, keep some coffee grinds in a tiny container. Scoop up a little quantity of grinds the next time you cut an onion or fresh garlic, massage them over your hands, then rinse for odor-free hands and fingers.

3. Fertilize Your Garden: Before sowing carrot and radish seeds, mix them thoroughly with coffee grounds. Your harvest will be doubled!

4.  Hand Cleaner: Ground coffee may be used on the face to exfoliate dead skin cells and smooth the skin. They can, however, accomplish something slightly different in your hands. Pumice soaps are used to clean hard-to-remove filth and grime off automobiles and machinery. Ground coffee is a cost-effective and easily accessible option that will leave your hands smelling like tomorrow.

5. Shiny Hair: Ground coffee should not be used on lighter hair, such as blonde or red, but if you have dark hair, such as brown or black, it will not only help eliminate debris from your hair, but the acids will also soften it. Use it sparingly so that the cleaning qualities don’t extend to the depletion of essential nutrients.

uses for coffee grounds

6. Clean the Pots: The same cleaning power that aids in the removal of dead skin cells also aids in the removal of lumpy food particles from your pans. You may clean the pots with ground coffee, much like the pioneers did with sand because they didn’t have steel wool.

7. A Stain of Furniture: Everything you wish to color can benefit from some vivid darkening from ground coffee. This includes wood, where coffee beans can provide some low-cost, deep-dark areas. For a more natural effect, combine it with water to make a thin paint, or massage it in and let it set for approximately an hour before washing it.

uses for coffee grounds

8. Revive Faded Dark Clothing: Do your darker clothing appear to be fading? Add your brown and black clothing to your washing machine, along with a pot of freshly brewed coffee and the grounds you used to create it. The coffee will stain the material softly, renewing and revitalizing the appearance of dark hues.

uses for coffee grounds

9. Kill Fleas: After bathing your dog’s fur, massage in 1 to 2 cups of coffee grounds and thoroughly rinse. This will not only help kill any fleas that may be hiding in his fur, but it will also make his fur silky smooth!

uses for coffee grounds

10. The Best Blue Blooms: Spread a few sour coffee beans on your soil if you have blooming plants in your yard that flourish in low pH soils. The pH of the soil will gradually fall as it decomposes. Flowers like the blue blooming hydrangea will be able to blossom as a result.

uses for coffee grounds

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