20 Breathtaking Photos Of Winter Landscapes

Winter can be both beautiful and cold; the snow and ice that blankets most of the hemisphere in the dead of winter is a transformational force unlike any other. We welcome you to enjoy some of the most gorgeous winter wonderland photographs available by curling up with a cup of tea and your warmest blanket.

In actuality, one of the best direct evidence of the earth’s cosmic movement that we can physically experience is the changing of seasons from winter to summer. The Northern Hemisphere experiences winter when the Earth’s northern axis tilts away from the sun. The dip in general temperature that we experience in winter is caused by a minute shift in distance from and angle to the sun, and this angle is also why it gets colder the farther north you go. As the seasons change, you might imagine our world quietly rocking back and forth on its axis, as brilliantly represented in magnificent nature photographs.

Although some people despise the cold, keep in mind that lovely views of snow and frost are an essential part of our life cycles — these winter landscapes will soon be alive again. The frigid grip of winter allows plants and animals to hibernate or migrate, and most plants and animals have adapted to the change of seasons in some fashion. Acorns, for example, will only germinate after spending the winter on the freezing ground. So there’s lots of life going on beneath these beautiful white winter photos.

Here’s to making the most of a harsh and cruel season that is also enchantingly gorgeous! Check out our gallery below for some of the most stunning images of winter’s white panoramic views.

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