20 Food Fails That Will Make You Laugh

Food photographs abound on social media, but most individuals are attempting to put their best foot forward. As we click through images, we see a nicely arranged table, a gorgeous slice of cake, and a fall-inspired stew.

Then there are the food disasters. The Pinterest recipe gone wrong, the pan that shattered during cooking and ruined all hope of saving your dinner, or the cake that was intended to be in the shape of…whatever, but ended up looking a bit odd

Take heart if you can’t manage to get the ideal food shot. These folks have had the worst culinary failures imaginable – and it doesn’t get much worse.

  1. Expectation vs Reality

2. Caramel lava cake

3. “Sugar and cinnamon pooptzels”

4. This could ruin a vacation

5. “Found the spoon, honey”

6. This is going to give me nightmares

7. They tried…

8. DIY death apple

9. Food should just never ever be blue

10. This banana bread could not be tamed

11. Start with the easy animals

12. Absolutely defeated

13. Definitely not what she was expecting

14. This monster mash

15.  Thanksgiving can be tough

16. Is this an art installation?

17. Do not mess with the recipe

18. What kind of fish is this?

19. I don’t care how much you love Ice Age…

20. This ain’t right

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