20 Funny Examples Of Pareidolia In Everyday Objects

Have you ever noticed a face in your coffee cup, a rabbit in the clouds, or a sorrowful guy in the Moon? You’re not insane! It’s a psychological phenomena known as pareidolia, in which people see faces in everyday items.

  1. Everyone Calm The F*ck Down

2. I Climbed Down A Very Dangerous And Muddy Hill To Take This Shitty, Blurry Photo, So Please Enjoy The Cookie Monster Face I Found Along The Mississippi River

3. Two Bearded Men

4. Dude In Martini Has Had Too Much To Drink

5. After I Poured Milk Into My Coffee, I Found Snoopy On The Doghouse Under The Moon

6. Kind Of A Tinny Sound, Other Than That It Was A Great Concert. Bravo To Maestro Jack!

7. Cactus Doin’ A Little Rock Climbing

8. Suspicious Vampire

9. Pew Pew.. Not Mine But My Favorite…

Pew Pew.. Not Mine But My Favorite...

10. Hellephant


11. Oh No Please No More!

12. Flickering Beauty

13. Those Boxes Are Up To Something

14. The Goddess Lives

15. My Daughter’s Suitcase Looks Really Upset That It Was Left On The Stairs

16. Sideshow Palm

17. Happy Snow

18. The Pots Are Plotting

19. The Egg I Cracked That Looks Like A Scared Ghost

20. Here’s A Bin That Looks Like The Donald

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