20 Genius Food Inventions That Will Amuse You

Have you ever seen a shopping cart with a magnifying glass attached so that older folks may better read food labels? Have you ever picked up an avocado and realized it had a color-coded label that informs you exactly when the fruit is ripe? Have you ever seen a microwave that would perfectly cook your food by merely scanning the bar code on the packaging? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, have a look at this list of creative food inventions you may not be aware of. When you see them, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them for so long!

  1. This Store Sorts It’s Bananas By How Ripe They Are

2. My Avocado Has A Color Chart On The Sticker, So You Know When It’s Ripe

3. These Shopping Carts Have A Magnifying Glass For The Elderly

4. This Microwave Has A Barcode Scanner To Automatically Cook The Food

5. My Asian ‘Pringles’ Has A Tab To Lift The Chips Up So You Don’t Have To Put Your Hand Inside The Tube

6. Edible Cutlery

7. Our Local Coffee Shop Uses Frozen Coffee Cubes For Iced Coffee

8. My Spoon Has A Line Where Its Center Of Gravity Is

9. My Bar Has An Ice Strip To Keep Your Beer Cold

10. My Dad’s New Car Has Cooled/Heated Cup Holders

11. Chick-Fil-A Doesn’t Charge Customers For Ingredients That The Customers Don’t Want

12. Bowl For People Who Hate Soggy Cereal

13. This Restaurant Tabletop Condiment Caddy Has A Special Holder To Make Sure The Ketchup Bottle Is Always Primed For Use

14. Edible Jello Cups

15. Herb Scissors

16. This Coffee Cup Lid Has A Space For Your Nose

17. This Clever Invention Is Going To Get Me Out Of Doing Dishes On Movie Nights

18. My Supermarket Lets You Eat Produce While You Shop For A 25 Cents

19. My Receipt Came With A Nutritional Breakdown

20. This Restaurant Has A Sign To Let The Waiter Know If You Need Help

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