20 Ice Sculptures That Thrill Not Chill

You probably don’t want to be reminded of the bad weather when you’re in the middle of winter. When you don’t have to go outside, though, some of the weather’s products can be used as a medium for artistic expression. For example, ice sculptures.

  1. Ice Butterfly

2. Natures’ Own Handiwork

3. Carriage and its passengers

4. Ice Dragon

5. Ice-Sculpture – Spider With Web

6. Freedom of Dance Ice Sculpture

7. Piano Ice Sculpture

8. Statue of Liberty – Ice Sculpture

9. “Chasing the Wind” Ice Sculpture

10. Rainbow City Made of Ice at the Yanqing Ice Festival

11. Ice Tiger

12. Ice Sculpture – Train Locomotive

13. Beautiful Ice Sculpture at The Harbin Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival

14. Percy Salazar’s London Landmarks Ice Sculpture

15. Griffin

16. Bobcat

17. Panda Bears

18. Disney Ice Sculptures in Bruges, Belgium

19. Ice Geisha

20. The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China

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