20 Pics Captured Seconds Before Disaster Happen

It’s possible that someone will snap an image that is so precisely timed that it will never be duplicated, no matter how hard you try. For example, when your dog chooses to puke on you while you’re shooting a picture. Or that time at a music festival when someone gets smacked in the face by a flying cup of soda. More amusing photos captured seconds before calamity may be seen in the list below. The collection is bound to make you chuckle, and maybe even cringe a bit.

  1. If Jesus Really Cares About Us, Why Does He Waste His Time Breakdancing For His Friends?

2. Almost 12 Years Ago My Dad Caught A Picture So Rare That No One Believed Us When We Told Them. Today I Finally Found The Picture To Prove It

3. Her Elbow Knocked The Drink

4. A Nice Bike Ride

5. Refreshments Maybe

Refreshments Maybe?

6. A While Back, We Tried To Take Family Photos At The Beach. The Results Were… Unexpected

7. My Dog Threw Up While I Was Taking A Selfie

8. Moment Before Disaster Strikes

Moment Before Disaster Strikes

9. Say Blaaaargggghhh!

10. This Photo Is Legendary In My Family. A Snapshot Right Before My Mom Was Hit By A Baseball

11. Right Before Disaster Strikes

12. Think Happy Thoughts

Think Happy Thoughts

13. Sh*t’s About To Go Down

14. Happy Bir- Ohhh No

Happy Bir- Ohhh No

15. Alligator With Alligator Gar

16. He Just Really Wanted Some Diet Coke

17. Just Casually Riding A Bike

18. Perfect Timing

19. In About 2 Seconds He Is About To See How Fast He Can Turn Off That Chainsaw

20. Fans Fail To Grab Foul Ball

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