20 Rare Pictures Showing We Still Love In A Wondrous World

We’ve been hearing a lot of nasty stuff lately. It’s easy to feel that there’s nothing positive happening nowadays, what with the epidemic hurting millions of people and inequality making people’s lives worse.

However, if you pay attention to the tiny things in your environment, you’ll see that small miracles continue to occur. You only have to take a moment to enjoy them and take a closer look.

Here are 20 images that will make you believe that the world is still full of wonders if you’re seeking for anything to cheer you up during these hard times.

  1. Megalodon’s tooth: Many fossil collectors believe Megalodon teeth to be quite valuable. The value of the teeth is increased if they are in good shape. This one, on the other hand, is difficult to discern if it’s real or not. Regardless, it still looks fantastic, right?

2. The pattern: This shell has a pretty beautiful design on it. It’s as though someone drew it with their hands and painted it.

3. First Disneyland ticket: Before, a one-day ticket to Disneyland was worth $1. I’m confident that if this guy sells the ticket, it will be worth much more.

4. Glowing rose: This forged steel rose is quite lovely. It appears to be shining from within.

5. Entertaining neighbors: If you live next door to this house, you’ll never be bored. They have life-size replicas of Mike and Sully, which they have strategically positioned!

6. Sweet: Walking down this path must be romantic. Trees embracing each other may be seen if you look high.

7. A living piece of history: This turtle is almost a century old. It’s mind-boggling to consider all it saw while sailing the sea.

8. Two colors: This flower is for those who can’t settle on a favorite color. You’ll adore it whether you prefer pink or yellow.

9. A natural phenomenon: No one used plastic to cover the ground. When the snow melted and the flash froze, this shot was captured.

10. A full-sized dragon: Depending on whose neighbor you ask, the design of this home may be a positive thing or a terrible thing. It’s an intriguing design for people who like dragons. It’s a nightmare for those who aren’t.

11. Like a soccer ball: There’s nothing wrong with this watermelon, despite what you might assume. There are no holes in it. It’s also not deflated.

12. Those eyes: Maine’s coon has stunning blue eyes. Staring at them makes you feel as though you’ve been transported to another world.

13. Unique cloud: As they glide through the sky, clouds take on many forms. This one, though, is a little different. It almost looks like a circle!

14. Fog dome: A fog dome is an unusual meteorological occurrence. Experts believe it is caused by the presence of a heat source near to the earth.

15. Perfectly balanced: These rocks are held together by no cables or beams. Nature has a strange way of working at times.

16. Eyes: With those eyes, this walnut tree appears mystical, but I don’t believe I’d feel safe being near it, especially at night. Those eyes appear to be keeping a tight check on you.

17. A sky of its own: This isn’t an egg that’s been hand-painted. It isn’t even made of glass. It’s an opal with its own sky within it.

18. Hair ice: When water freezes in dead wood, it forms “hair ice.” Keep in mind that it only happens in the appropriate circumstances, such as during a cold, damp winter night when the temperature is below 0°C.

19.  A split sunset: This shot was taken without the use of any filters. It’s merely a photo of a split sunset in North Carolina, an uncommon sunset occurrence.

20. A storm in the desert: In the same photograph, there is a rainbow and a lightning bolt. Whoever captured this photo struck it rich.

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