20 Times Nature Won The Battle Against Civilization

We can think as much as we want that we’re leaving our imprint on the Earth, but it’s only temporary. Mother Nature reclaims her lost areas over time, and there isn’t much we can do about it. You don’t have to be an urban explorer to be moved by our collection of photographs of abandoned sites, cars, and even entire towns that are losing their struggles against disappearing due to the forces of nature, and you don’t have to be one to be moved by them. “You will eat your sustenance by the sweat of your brow until you return to the earth, for you were taken from it; for dust you are, and dust you will return.”

  1. Someone Added Googley Eyes To This Tree Consuming A Bridge

2. Abandoned House, Norway Style

3. Statue Of Buddha Being Reclaimed By Mangrove Forest

4. I Saw A Tree Eating A Stop Sign

5. Scola Tower, Liguria, Italy

6. Abandoned Bike Reclaimed By Ivy

7. Mother Nature Is Calling. Somewhere In China

8. Abandoned Stone Cottage. Sneem/Kenmare, Ireland

9. This Building Was Completely Overgrown By Ivy

10. Just A Little Moss, It Will Buff Out

11. I Found A Tree Growing Through Speed Limit Sign

12. A Tree Eating A Fence

13. This Street Sign Has Been Covered By This Tree

14. Colony Of Moss Growing Inside A Bike Seat

15. A Sacred Tree Reclaiming An Occupied 5 Story Building In An Old Section Of Downtown Kolkata

16. Abandoned City Akarmara, Abkhazia

17. Found A Shoe In The Woods

18. These Plants Growing Out Of Someone’s Car

19. Destined To Be Green. Abandoned Escalator

20. Shrine In Japan

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