22 Reference Baby Names For Winter Inspired

If you’re expecting a bit of fun during the cooler months of the year, why not choose a name that complements their birthday and celebrates the brightness that comes to winter? These 37 winter baby names are cool, cute, and perfect for babies born in June, July, and August.


Is there a name more suitable for a winter baby than Wynter? Or, you can use a more traditional spelling with Winter.


Celebrating the cold, crisp day when your little one first arrived with a name like Crispin, there’s definitely an air of chill to it.


If you want to stick with weather-inspired names, try Korah, Hebrew for “ice” and “frost.”


Short for Demeter, goddess of winter, Demi is perfectly suited for winter babies. You can also choose Dimitri, which is the name Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher gave to their little man.


Named after the beloved boy from Hans Christian Anderson’s famous fairy tale, The Snow Queen, the short and sweet nickname will always remain a classic favorite this winter. Or, you can always go with Elsa.


Meaning “strong, happy, graceful”, Peri also stands for Peridot, the birthstone for August. Some other birthstone names that might work are Jade (another birthstone associated with August), Pearl (June birthstone) and Ruby (July birthstone).


The birth flower for June, Rose is a pretty name for any baby that blooms this month. Or, you can choose Ash, which is the plant associated with June.


A rose with another name can be just as sweet, especially if it’s Helle. This proper name stands for hellebore, or winter rose, which usually blooms in winter.


Sticking to floral motifs, you can also consider July baby Lily because water lily is one of the flowers born in July. For babies born in August, try Poppy, this is one of the flowers associated with this month.


The name Winnie is our winter infant winner. Traditionally used as a shortened form of Winifred, we prefer it as a shortened version of Winter.


An elegant and graceful name, Aquila is a constellation that will be shown to us in Aᴜsᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀ in July (this could be when your child decides to make his or her own!).


Months make a name for themselves, including May and April. June is a month that matches your baby’s middle or first name and honors your baby’s birth month.


Or, you could always go with a more unique Juno, the Roman goddess who lent her her nickname in June. She is also the goddess of marriage and women’s happiness.


Name your July baby with a Shakespearean connotation (and a name that’s also associated with July).


Expecting an August baby? And the lovely name August. Or shorten it to a strong and mighty name like Augie or Gus.


Another name that also has the qualities of a star is Lyra. Named for the constellation, Lyra is only seen in the southern sky in August. Perhaps a good choice for any August newborn?


If you’re expecting a Gemini baby (born May 21 to June 21), Gemma makes a cute choice to honor the zodiac sign.


A name like Aria is fierce and fiery, like the main qualities of little Leos. Aria means “lion” in Hebrew (which happens to be a symbol related to Leo) and makes for another pretty name inspired by the zodiac.


What about baby Leo (July 21-August 21)? Leo is a great nickname for children born in August. It ranks 19th among the most popular baby boy names in Aᴜsᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀ this year.


A variation on Ull, the Norse god responsible for winter, Uli is a unique and sweet moniker that offers contemporary coolness.


Reva means “rain” in Hindi and could be a suitable choice for your winter baby, born on a cold and wet day. Other names associated with rain include Rain, Talia, and Tal.


Is it lucky to be born in the middle of a blizzard? The name Snow is a fitting choice (we think Jon Snow might be responsible for it) with lots of additional names meaning “snow”. Eira is one of them.

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