25 Of The Best Photographs That Have Never Been Edited

Nature and people are both talented artists, when the two combine ingeniously, they will create ecstatic works. Let’s take a look a series of 25 beautiful photos taken, unedited.

  1. Super Moon on a radio telescope, looks like a giant ice cream.
anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (18).jpg

2. The excavator excavated a cluster of clouds.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (42).jpg

3. In celebration of the 100th birthday of Kim IL-sung, the founder of Korea.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (2).jpg

4. Blue lavender field in Japan.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (37).jpg

5. Spider webs cover the ground in the woods of Abernethy, Scotland.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (38).jpg

6. The moment the volcano erupts in Iceland.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (46).jpg

7. Lijiang, China.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (75).jpg

8. Squids glow like fireflies in Lake Hontaru, Japan.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (76).jpg

9. The shadow of Mount Fuji, Japan stretches for more than 24 km.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (21).jpg

10. Red sand dunes in the Namip desert, South Africa.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (77).jpg

11. The tree is covered with snow in winter.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (51).jpg

12. Turtles and butterflies.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (79).jpg

13. Wolf

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (20).jpg

14. Alien invasion? Exposure shot in Charlotte, USA.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (71).jpg

15. The ruffled head of an American eagle.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (66).jpg

16. Lake Mari El in Russia, above the water is cold winter but below, everything is still green as spring.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (32).jpg

17. Fish wedding in Mahabalipuram, India.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (39).jpg

18. A corner of San Francisco, USA.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (43).jpg

19. This man is using a flashlight to shine on the ice, the cracks on the lake surface through the light creating beautiful lines.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (81).jpg

20. Ljubljana, Slovenia is submerged in water after a flood.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (11).jpg

21. Strange shapes of snow and ice in Slovenia.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (58).jpg

22. Dawn in Bushy Park, London.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (6).jpg

23. A Buddhist holiday in Vietnam.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (59).jpg

24. The owl standing in the rain, looks like a poster of the movie My Neighbor Totoro.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (88).jpg

25. The forest is changing from Summer to Autumn.

anhdep-chuaPS-tinhte (14).jpg
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