3 types of appearance who do not need bright makeup

The fact that we are all different and each beautiful in his own way has long been a universal truth. However, on Earth, there are lucky women to whom nature has shown special generosity.

Despite all the transformative power of cosmetics, its effect is not permanent and requires a daily regimen, monthly purchases, and regular “surveillance” of beauty reviews. However, some types of appearance are devoid of these necessities: and not because they satisfy the list of “thick eyebrows, expressive eyes, and cheekbones, thick healthy hair.” The thing is that they can do fine without makeup and catch admiring glances. The actual criterion, reminding that in the placement of accents nature has no equal ─ neither in diversity nor in the beauty of the performance.

Scandinavian type

In the wake of the popularity of the lifestyle in the style of hugge, the countries of Scandinavia have become not only a hot territory for tourists but also a source of aesthetics in the beauty sphere. What distinguishes Scandinavians and makes them different from others? It is believed that the characteristic features of girls from the north are clear eyes, as well as light, almost porcelain skin tone, and pointed facial features. Genetics, excellent ecology, and adherence to natural care products are what make up the power of Scandinavian charm.

Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway

As mandatory items in their beauty routine include moisturizing, protecting, and restoring skincare products: this is forced to them by the harsh northern climate with its piercing winds and low temperatures(see also: “Girls from the North: how and why girls from Scandinavia defeated the French women”). However, residents of Scandinavia do not have to complain: it is this territory that is considered the alma mater of geothermal SPA. So look at the spa treatment for Scandinavian women is like drinking tea.

Asian type

Representatives of Asian countries have long been favorite guests of fashion shows and receive contracts from many European brands. These girls are prey for the photographer: expressive cheekbones, smooth and dense skin tone, the elasticity of which can not be native – these features can only be maintained by well-chosen care cosmetics.

- Ming Xi, Chinese top model

In this regard, the absolute trend that has won the love and wallets of ladies from all over the world is the famous Korean cosmetics. It is famous for exclusively natural ingredients in its composition, recipes, proven by more than one hundred years of beauty practice of the Korean women themselves. Asian women know a lot about maintaining the natural beauty and, if they use decorative cosmetics, it is only powdery and translucent textures.

Brazilian type

However, the ideal skin can boast not only representatives of the Asian type of appearance. Brazilians are the same happy owners of dense skin with an even tone, which, among other things, perfectly generates a tan (the most coveted olive shade).

- Gisele Bündchen, Brazilian supermodel

The only thing that overshadows the seemingly ideal situation is its fat content, but the Brazilians have learned to cope with this masterfully: with the help of cleansing scrubs (very often using sea sand) and matting serums(see also: “What is beauty in Brazilian, or Why Brazilians are the most beautiful in the world”). Beauty-routine of residents of Brazil is firm friends with coconut oil, which is used for skin and hair, as well as useful elements that enter the body with vegetables and fruits. Fortunately, there is simply no shortage of them in Brazil.

Photo: Getty Images, Legion-Media.ru

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