30 rules of successful dates for those over 30

“A man should treat a woman first and foremost as a friend, not as a sexual object.”

Dates are successful and not so good. It all depends on our expectations, the ability to listen, tell and improvise. And also from some of his qualities and self-confidence.

1. “Run, Lola, run!” Men love chases and pursuits, so it’s best to always leave ahead of time and end the date at the most interesting place.

2. A man should treat a woman primarily as a friend, not as a sexual object. Find out if he has female friends, then he can.

3. It’s better to be under-talked to and remain a mystery woman than to be too open and ridiculous. A man loves puzzles, let him solve you.

4. If a man resembles your father, even remotely, be careful, there is a chance to fall in love and suffer from this relationship.

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5. Do not lower the bar. It’s better to wait for someone worthwhile than to waste time on someone who doesn’t pull you. He will not pull, and time will pass.

6. If he says he wants to take care of you, chances are that’s what he expects from you.

7. If a man criticizes food in a restaurant, it means that he will criticize you.

8. Give him a second chance! Maybe he was preparing too much, he’s worried now, so things are going so ridiculously. Invite him to improvise and change the venue.

9. Don’t compose or lye. Then it will be difficult to remember what you told him, and he will remember everything.

10. If you don’t understand him, clarify what he means, not speculate. You will always have time to come up with it, but it is much more difficult to recognize it.

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11. Do not say all the most interesting things on the first date, leave something for the second and third.

12. Never have multiple dates on the same day, even if it seems funny. It’s exhausting and exhilarating. In the end, you won’t like anyone.

13. Before you go on a new date, ask yourself what it is for you: entertainment, searching for new love, interest in a person, and filling the inner emptiness? Because of the emptiness, you should not go. You won’t fill it out. A new love, most likely, will not be found either.

14. If you are comparing a new partner to your ex, this is a bad sign, you are not ready to move on.

15. Do not wait for him to call you or take the first step, take the situation into your own hands. You can wait a long time. Life is short.

16. Find out who cleans his apartment – his mother or housekeeper. If mom, run away. It will appear too often in your life together.

17. The right women meet the right men. If you are confident, independent, and optimistic, then you have every chance.

18. Don’t play his game, create your own. If he comes up with rules and restrictions, try to break them and see what’s behind it. Hi Bluebeard!

19. If a man constantly talks about money, most likely, he has problems with money and is not confident in himself.

20. No need to talk about the wedding and children on the first, second, and third dates. Not every man is suitable for the role of husband and father of your children. You will understand this yourself, but a little later.

Rules of dating with a man for a serious relationship, for those who are over 30

21. Less makeup is better than an overabundance of makeup.

22. One or two dates do not mean that you have a serious relationship. We do not build castles in the air and joint holidays.

23. Once you become a realist, life will get better. Be observant, see how things really are and do not invent unnecessary things.

24. Have an interesting intriguing conversation, look into the eyes, lightly touch his hand. For a first date, this is quite enough.

25. If you are tired of him, start talking to him on topics in which he does not understand – about cosmetics, fabrics, styles, interior, design.

26. Brush your teeth before your date. Fresh breath is always welcome.

27. Put your mobile phone on silent mode. On the first date, this is important.

28. Do not agree to continue the first date at the man’s house, even if all the bars are crowded, restaurants are closed, there is a blizzard and a blizzard on the street, and all taxis are busy.

29. If you no longer want to see a man, and he is eager to continue dating, it is better to tell him directly about it. You can apologize, but not necessarily.

30. It’s better to be alone than to go on dates with the wrong men and waste your life in the void.

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