4 habits that happy people make when you wake up to have a good day

Is there an ideal morning ritual? Yes, according to some inspiring women who scrupulously follow certain habits.

The future belongs to those who get up early. This adage is far from being a legend according to personal development coaches. Of course, sleeping well is essential, but so is the way you wake up. This moment has an impact on the rest of our day. For many of us, the alarm of waking up is akin to torture and we would give everything to stay at the bottom of our bed. The minutes are grabbed, the delay accumulates and the scenario that we already know is looming. Delay, speed, nervousness, stress… Barely started, the day is marked by a race against time. These are all factors that affect our mood and happiness.

So what do we prefer: sleep a few more minutes to dream our life? Or stop dreaming to live our dreams? It’s all about habit and discipline. We are not talking here about an iron discipline, but about a morning ritual that promotes our well-being.

The morning ritual of happiness

Waking up early and planning

Self-development books often make the same argument, getting up early is one of the keys to happiness. Giving yourself a period of time is necessary to achieve things that are impossible to do during the day but also to take care of yourself. This allows you to manage your priorities and put yourself in good conditions. On the other hand, happiness also depends on a certain organization. To be operational and productive, people create to-do lists, in order to visualize their day.

Positive thoughts and meditation

Con Gái, Mưa Vang, Những Bông Hoa

We produce 60,000 thoughts every day… 95% of them are the same and 80% are negative reports Anne Cazaubon, columnist, at the microphone of Europe 1. This negative inner chatter affects self-confidence. Happy people self-motivate themselves with positive thoughts. They welcome the present moment with a few minutes of meditation before being carried away by the excitement of the day. Nothing is enough to change the way we think.

The exercise

Many inspiring women report playing sports before going to work. A pressure relief valve but also a good way to oxygenate, manage stress and apprehensions. Ten to fifteen minutes and here we are full of energy because the effort secretes the endorphin, the hormone of well-being and therefore happiness.

Human relations

Maintaining human relations with those around you promotes fulfillment. A family breakfast, spending time with your children, or a simple call to a loved one. So many little things that promote happiness.

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