4 party hairstyles are very easy to make to shine in the evening

You don’t have to be an expert to wear a party hairstyle! With a few pro tricks, the square is enchanted and the braid invites itself into the half-tails.

What holiday hairstyle to adopt when you have long, half-long or short hair? For a look that throws without sacrificing hours in the bathroom, we adopt one of the easy step-by-step made with the new Leonor Greyl hair accessories.

Holiday hairdressing tutorial: the wavy square

An evening wavy.
  1. With your fingers, apply a hazelnut of Sublimater Silk Serum to moisturize and protect the hair.
  2. Use a styler to perform a soft wavy.
  3. Let cool and fix with a soft lacquer veil.
  4. Brush the whole and undiff with your fingers for more naturalness.
  5. Position the Couture Bijoux Headband or the Couture Knot Headband on the top of the head, taking care to leave the natural drop of the front hair.

Party hairstyle tutorial: the braided half-tail

Half a ponytail with a braid.
  1. Apply a Pearl of Serum of Silk Sublimater to moisturize the hair and bring a little shine, then brush it to prepare the hairstyle.
  2. Create a high half-ponytail, separating the top of the head from one ear to the other.
  3. Tie with a rubber band and make a braid with the ponytail.
  4. Brush the free hair again and fix the Midnight Blue Sewing Knot on the elastic.

Party hairstyle tutorial: the low half-tail

Half a wavy ponytail for an evening.
  1. Texturize the entire hair with voluforme spray to give material.
  2. Smooth the fiber with a brush made of boar bristles and a pearl of Serum de Soie Sublimator.
  3. Create a soft wavy to give breadth to the hair with a styler.
  4. Lightly crepe the top of the head before making half a ponytail at the bottom of the neck.
  5. Tie it with some bun pins taking care to cover the top of the ears to give this falsely loose effect.
  6. Gently pull gently on a few strands above the fastener to accentuate the bulky effect.
  7. Fix with a soft lacquer veil before putting the Gold Sewing Knot on the pins to hide them.

Hairdressing tutorial: the low ponytail

A low ponytail for an evening.
  1. With your fingers, apply a hazelnut of Sublimater Silk Serum to moisturize and protect the hair.
  2. Use the curling iron to perform a very flexible wavy on the lengths only.
  3. Slightly crepe the top of the head and attach the set in a low ponytail keeping all the flexibility with the Big Sewing Knot.
  4. Texture the ponytail with Rosewood Balm to give it scale.
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