4 types of energy: how to enter the resource state

In the new year, we always dream of becoming the best version of ourselves – wiser, more meaningful, and knowing our strengths. We learned from an expert how to do it simply and efficiently.

Do you want to let go of all the unnecessary things that pulled down, set goals correctly, and make life happy, harmonious, and full? It is worth listening to the advice of a mentor who has been helping people achieve success in personal effectiveness, increasing income, and choosing a professional path for 12 years.

The main thing in the matter of gaining energy for achievements is to shift the focus to your inner sensations. Check what resource state you are in, and what gives you vitality today on the example of a simple exercise “4 types of energy”. To do this, draw a circle and divide it into 4 segments. Each of them is one kind of energy.

1. Physical energy

This is the foundation that ensures your performance, allows you to feel free and active, and helps you achieve your goals faster.

In order to check whether you have enough of this energy, analyze on a scale from 1 to 10 its components: body, rest, sleep, health, sports, nutrition, and sex. Think about what gives or takes away your strength every day. The smaller the set figure, the more energy this component “pumps out”.

home energy

2. Emotional energy

For a full and bright life, positive impressions are necessary: joy, interest in the new, pleasure from communication. It is very important to be able to switch and find time for what you really enjoy doing.

In this case, we check on a scale of 1-10 the following components: understanding and accepting your emotions, self-motivation, managing relationships with people, impressions, and charisma. Analyze how much you are able to feel your inner state.

3. Psychic energy

Responsible for a realistic awareness of the world and a positive attitude towards it. We evaluate the following components on a scale of 1-10: injuries (what caused pain), complexes, negative scenarios (what happens to me again and again), balance in the “work-rest” mode, and the environment.

how to restore trust in the world, life after psychological trauma

4. Spiritual energy

It is determined by an adequate balance between caring for other people and paying attention to your own wants and needs. Its components are a sense of flow, faith, awareness of the meaning of existence, connection with the genus, creativity, responsibility, independence.


It is the coordinated and harmonious work of all these energies that ensures life at full capacity. If in some segment of the circle you wrote numbers whose value is less than “7” – these are exactly the states to which you need to direct all attention at the moment. Their elaboration will allow us to come to balance, success, and a qualitative increase in the standard of living.

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