5 pieces of cannons to live the winter with style

After a rather mild start to autumn, the cool temperatures have indeed settled. No more denim jackets, flowing trench coats, and blazers to go for a walk. They are exchanged for warm clothes, adapted to the fall of the thermometer.

If the other three seasons of the year are conducive to sharp looks, winter often has a bad reputation in the fashion world. Wrapped in our wide coats, some still think it is difficult to wear a suitable style. However, this is not true.

The 5 most canon pieces to be stylish this winter

For winter at the forefront of fashion, it is better to bet on good basics, essentials that will feed your dressing room and that you can keep for several years.

Among the flagship clothes to have, there is the cross coat made of mixed cashmere.


Once you have acquired a long draped coat, you must also be able to bet on a beautiful down jacket. The flagship piece of winter, allows you to walk the cobblestones of the city with style while adapting to Sunday walks in the forest.


For the bottom, you can opt for wide wool pants, an essential of winter! It is worn as much with a pair of boots, as a pair of sneakers, for an elegant or streetwear look.


Refined and versatile, the turtleneck sweater has always been good.


On the accessories side, the cap is essential when the barometer tends to fall. We choose it colorful to bring a touch of peps to his outfit. Thanks to its cashmere composition, it will keep your head warm.


That’s it, you now have all the keys to spend a warm and well-dressed winter!

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