5 quick hairstyles in case there is no time to wash your hair

We slept, did not calculate the time, turned off the hot water – the cases are different, and it is somehow necessary to leave the house. We have collected several options for hairstyles “on a dirty head” on the example of stars.

If the choice is between sleeping an extra half hour or washing your hair and styling, many of us will choose the former. But going with a dirty head to work or date is also not the best option. Therefore, we chose five hairstyles that will be salvation in such a situation.

1. Bunch

The simplest and most ideal option. Firstly, it is fashionable, secondly, it goes to everyone, and thirdly, it is done for 10 seconds. By the way, this is a favorite technique of Kim Kardashian, who honestly admitted that she does not wash her head for 4-5 days, and for each of them she has her own perfect hairstyle. On the first day, the star makes the styling that she likes, on the second – walks with its “remnants”, that is, careless waves. On the third day, he collects his hair in a high smooth ponytail, but then it’s time for bunches.

2. Braids

But not voluminous and careless, from which all stylists have been delighted for several years. Such dirty hair to braided and will not work. But smooth “snake braids”, which are just coming into vogue among Hollywood stars, are an ideal option. Minus one: only long-haired girls can do such a hairstyle.

3. Naches

Dirty hair can be tried to combat the roots to give the hair volume and make the hairstyle “airier”. If you have short hair, you can leave them loose, long it is better to collect in a free ponytail. The main thing is not to use varnish and hair gel, otherwise, all efforts will come to naught.

4. Hairstyles with the effect of “wet” hair

And you can try to go from the opposite: to pretend that the hair should look heavy and even a little sticky. Arm yourself with gel and other styling products and repeat the experience of Gigi Hadid or Taylor Hill. With such styling, others will not understand exactly whether you managed to wash your hair in the morning or not.

5. Low beam

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Or tail, if you, for example, do not have a braid and butts, but an elongated carriage. This hairstyle will look appropriate in any official setting and, unlike a high bun, will fit into the most stringent dress code. And here, so that not a single hair is knocked out, it is already possible and even necessary to use varnish.

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