5 rules of the mother-doctor, so that children do not get sick

One of the main desires of mothers is that the child remains healthy. Books, articles, advice from relatives, familiar doctors – mothers are ready to use all sources of information, and their cherished dream is to understand all the symptoms themselves and immediately take the necessary measures.

“It’s easy for mothers with a medical education,” many people probably think. Is everything really so simple for mothers-doctors, says pediatrician, neurologist, and author of the book “Mother-doctor: why do our children get sick?” Olga Hoffman.Olga Hoffman

Pediatrician, neurologist, and author of the book “Mother Doctor: Why Do Our Children Get Sick?”

Doctors did not justify the trust

I have two children and their methods of treatment in early childhood were different. The eldest son, like many children, went periodically to the doctors, who, as it seemed to me at the time, understood some issues better than I did. And in principle, the child was relatively healthy. But now, looking back, I realize that I could have helped him on my own.

I decided to take responsibility for the health of my children when my youngest child, my daughter, began to have health problems. After her birth, she experienced great difficulties with sleep, the temperature gave out convulsions and rollback in development after the disease, brought out the whole family with tantrums, ate little, and constantly regurgitated, there were problems with the intestines and skin.

How does a mother-doctor live?

The best doctors consulted her and did not understand our problems: “Everything is fine, everything will get better, wait.” Stimulation with nootropics brought the daughter to excessive excitement and stable problems with falling asleep. The prescribed treatment did not bring results, and for a year my husband and I did not know what to do.

The last straw was the statement of the professor from the Department of Neurology that all the problems with the child are from my problems in my head. After that, I realized that I simply had nothing to look for in traditional medicine.

When my daughter was ten months old, we stopped going to the doctor. I myself studied the sources, found mothers who had similar problems, and they have already solved them. Our family has also gone down this path. The child’s body gave a quick positive response: the nervous system stabilized and sleep improved, the daughter was able to eat more foods, stopped regurgitating, progress in speech began. The further recovery process was not fast, but after realizing my ability to help the child on my own, I no longer needed doctors.

How does a mother-doctor live?

It seems to me that the problem of the ineffectiveness of doctors in Russia is that they do not know the approach to modern children.

The Alpha generation has new diseases: first of all, it is a disruption of the work of the cell itself (and not the organ), as a result of which the function of many organs and systems decreases, and only an integrated approach can help them.

Children often have impaired immune, endocrine, and nervous systems, as well as the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Now my daughter is developed in accordance with her age and even surpasses her peers in some indicators thanks to an integrated approach. Of course, there are still small functional health problems, we continue to work with them, but without the help of doctors. The only specialist visited by children is a dentist.

Mother-doctor – children’s assistant

Mother treats the child

I don’t do anything out of the ordinary with my children, just by virtue of my profession I know a little more about how to help their health. And the most important thing is that other mothers if desired, can also take responsibility for the health of their own children.

I have a large number of drugs in my arsenal: I love both pharmacy and various naturopathic schemes, including herbs in order to quickly restore children after an illness. Timely treatment is necessary so that they do not break out of the usual rhythm of life: they do not miss school for a long time, do not disrupt vacation plans. And my independence regarding the health of children does not let me down.

My children hardly get sick, or if they do, they recover quickly. A runny nose quickly stops, coughing in our house is a rare occurrence.

If a child shows signs of allergies, and my children are prone to this, then I know how to help them in two or three days. If their immune system is weakened after an illness, I know how to restore it quickly. On vacation, we relax, not get sick, like many of my familiar families. I used to give children the prevention of rotavirus infection at sea, now I practically do not do this, and we are already coping.

In terms of prevention, my children have already undergone those procedures that other mothers simply do not know about. For example, the daughter after plasmapheresis almost completely got rid of allergies. The eldest son undergoes a probing procedure – a Soviet invention of medicine, which was widely used about 30 years ago. Even I myself underwent these procedures at the age of 10-11. Now for some reason, they have been forgotten.

Rules of the mother-doctor

  • Healthy eating. I carefully monitor the diet of my children. But I don’t make myself a harsh mom: I can let my kids eat one dessert for two. They know that eating heavy food at night is harmful, so they don’t even ask for it. The older child, even if a little hungry in the evening, tries not to eat, so that there is an excellent appetite in the morning before school. My daughter is more sensitive to hunger, so in the evening she can eat, but this food contains complex carbohydrates, fiber, or a light protein like an egg.
  • Control of children’s analyzes 2-3 times a year. Thanks to the constant monitoring of the results, I know what I need to work with at a given time. Interestingly, children in the same family often have similar tests, and my children are no exception.
a child at a doctor's appointment
  • Moderate physical activity. I do not overload children with sports, because heavy professional sports lead to exhaustion, especially when the child is not initially very healthy. Therefore, my children are engaged in physical therapy. Now we have also added breathing exercises: so far once a day, and in the summer we will increase it to two. And despite the fact that my children are with connective tissue dysplasia, due to nutritional support, they show good results in classes, for example, in the pool.
  • Summer outside the city. Urban children have more health problems. Our children are the result of the environmental situation and the toxic load from food, water and air. As a mom and doctor, I welcome summer in the country. Despite the fact that there are also dangers: for example, strawberries from a bush, through which ascariasis can be picked up. Barefoot in the country, swimming in the pool, helping grandparents, relaxing in the sun. But it is important that it is in our latitudes, without exotic rest. Or we rest as a family at sea in places where children are already adapted to the climate.
Mother with children on vacation
  • No hyper-custody. I don’t want children: they are hardened, accustomed to the bath. Children and I are not afraid if they walk in the cold without a hat or bare feet on the cold floor.

You can bear independent responsibility not only for the physical but also for the mental health of children. I try to be empathetic to children, to develop my emotional intelligence to feel them well. I know when I can quarrel, and when it is better not to do it. I am both a strict mother with certain rules and a sensual mother at the same time. I respond to their requests if they need help, including psychological help, because the psychological balance also affects the health of children.

Children live in happiness and harmony. The only loads that they experience are loads of the external environment: school, sections, and other intellectual or physical activities. They are already accustomed to their mother’s mode of working with the body.

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