5 short haircuts to start with all of 2022

Give your appearance a complete twist with the best short haircuts that are coming in trend. Not only will you look gorgeous but you will feel ready to start a new cycle. Read on to get to know them and encourage you to change!

1 Pixie cut

To walk very free, fresh, and without so many worries, choose a pixie cut, which has different volumes that make it one of the best to highlight an extroverted personality. The best thing is that your earrings will always shine.


2 Bob

This cut suits any type of face well. It is practically a short classic that encompasses many styles. You can wear it with fringe, smooth or curly. The most important thing is that you manage to shape it well with daily care.


3 Wolf cut

If your hair needs a lot more volume and shape, you definitely need wolf-style layers. They will frame your face in a very sensual way without mentioning that you will detangle your hair more easily.


4 Mullet

The mullet is a haircut trend that is gaining more and more strength, thanks to its simplicity and casualness. Remember that it is very short at the top of the skull and long in the nape of the neck.


5 Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are not exactly a cut by themselves, but they are a very simple technique to give a different shape to your short hair. They can be described as curtain bangs marking a V.


Don’t be afraid to try a modern, casual image during 2022, keep getting to know cuts until you find the ones you might love.

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