5 signs of a pathological liar

A pathological liar is not just a born liar, but also an exquisite manipulator. Being in the company of such a person is sometimes not just unpleasant, but even dangerous. And it is almost impossible to expose him in a lie. The only circumstance in which a pathological lying can confess to his writing is the immediate, and quite serious, harm to himself.

However, there are several signs by which it is possible to recognize a pathological liar before other people suffer from his society.

The story differs in key facts and changes the emotional color

Depending on the desired effect, a pathological liar can tell the same story, describing it in a negative or positive way. It all depends on what task you want to achieve.

Also, the story can change key circumstances, and the story itself will change from time to time, acquiring new details and losing old ones.

Lies even without apparent benefit to himself

A pathological liar lies not only “big”, but inserts lie even where it could have been avoided. For him, the practical benefits of lying are not so important, he really cares about lying just for the sake of lying. He does not need to look for additional reasons for this.

Does not see anything reprehensible in his lies

Such people may ask, “What’s that?” Pathological liens really do not understand that reprehensible can be in the distortion of facts. In most cases, liars do not admit to lying under any circumstances, preferring to deny everything.

Pathological liar is constantly twisted

It is almost impossible to “lock against the wall” such a person, he will deny everything, build ornate rounds based on new lies, twists, and inventors. He may confuse himself in his implausible stories, but he will still continue to do everything to prevent himself from being exposed.

đô la vào cuối mũi dài của doanh nhân - pathological liar hình minh họa sẵn có

There are no stop themes

For a pathological liar, nothing is sacred. He has no boundaries and understanding of “this is too much”, He can easily lie about someone’s illness or death, even if there is no actual benefit for himself.

Expert opinion

Veronika Petrovna Sysoeva

Psychiatrist, narcologist, psychotherapist, Ph.D., an expert in working with the subconscious, MAC, a teacher in high school, instructor Theta-healing

How to deal with a pathological liar, if there is one in the environment?

It is useless to fight with the pathological mendacity of the people around them. Talking about it with a liar, trying to shame or conflict with him – this will not bring a positive result, only spoil the relationship and make you nervous. The best thing you can do is to exclude such people from your environment or avoid communicating with them as much as possible, in no case do not enter into serious relationships and joint projects.

And what if this is a close relative, and from the problem, you need not fence yourself, but rather reach out to the person that he needs to change the model of behavior?

It is impossible to reach a loved one with pathological deceit. Even if he feels guilty after talking to you, he will not stop lying. For some people, this is due to internal traumas from childhood from the series “lying for salvation”. For example, to lie to parents, so as not to scold or upset loved ones.

In this case, you can adjust the behavior with the help of psychotherapy, provided that the person independently wants to change it in his life. But if pathological deceit within the framework of character is more common in demonstrative personalities, it is impossible to change this.

kẻ nói dối bệnh lý và miêu tả mình là vector anh hùng - pathological liar hình minh họa sẵn có

Are there any counter-perceptions if it is clear that we have a pathological liar who continues to lie from time to time?

Life is made up of little things. And pathological mendacity manifests itself primarily in situations in which there is no need to lie, there is simply no need because lying will not affect anything.

Pay attention to the lies in the little things. Soon, in the process of communicating with a person, everything secret will become apparent, and you can easily diagnose a pathological liar in a friend, draw conclusions and build relationships accordingly.

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